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Important, earth shattering, question here

Possibly even one I’ve mentioned before.

We know that Ricardo first got turned on to economics by reading Adam Smith. We even know that this was in 1799 while on holiday. In Bath.

So, do we know where he was staying? The actual address?

12 thoughts on “Important, earth shattering, question here”

  1. Ah, Bath, 1799, of course. But who did he discuss Adam Smith with who might have ordered his ideas? Mrs. Piozzi was around at the time. There were also the Austen’s, with a couple of very forward girls. There were others, notably Sheridan.

  2. Richard,

    Took a look at the City of London one. The first thing that sprung to mind was a version of James Burke’s Connections.

  3. Doesn’t really matter: the trail of laissez faire plus land value tax runs through Paris, Smith, Ricardo, Henry George and then into the sands.

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