Interesting claim

Theresa May’s in the USA to open up the NHS to US competition

What’s the Spud been eating to produce that sort of brain spasm?

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  1. Oh, the Indy has given up all pretence of being independent. See, for instance, their posts on farcebook about Trump with “Hitler did this” as a comment.

    You know what Hitler also did? Lots of shit you’d approve of, Indywankers, like bringing industrialists to heel to serve the aims of the State, taking morning constitutionals, trying to unite Europe, vegetarianism, gun control, shovel-ready infrastructure projects, and keeping dogs. You really, really don’t want to open the “hitler did this” can of worms, cos you might not like it when it comes back to bite you on the arse and you’re left standing there locked in a disabled toilet like Ken Livingston defending some of Hitler’s policies.

  2. The prof’s diet is responsible, first and foremost, for making him svelte in the way a barrel is svelte.

    He is also a fat-head but the fatness of his head owes more to ideological constipation than the intake of anything fresh and new in the way of ideas or nourishment.

  3. They’re utterly obsessed with the US healthcare system, aren’t they? Any time there’s a hint of slightly destalinising the NHS it’s always “Stop trying to bring in the American system!”

  4. What ML says. It is quite extraordinary how ‘US contractors could bid for NHS contractors’ becomes ‘The NHS would then be abolished in favour of the US health system’. The level of paranoid irrationality displayed there is beyond anything rational argument could ever counter: such people are mentally ill.

  5. If TM goes to talk to Angela Merkel does that mean she’s planning to ‘sell the NHS to the German healthcare insurance industry’?

  6. In all seriousness, I think the events of 2016 rendered lots of lefties completely barking.

    Highbrows like Rentoul and Parris, several leagues above The Dick Head in the intelligence stakes have lately written complete phantasmagoric crap.

    Murphy, starting a few dozen rungs below, has become a drooling, knuckle dragging sub-primate.

    Ragging on Ritchie has become an unhuman blood sport.

  7. “I think the events of 2016 rendered lots of lefties completely barking.”

    They were already barking, the events have just brought their true feelings out into the open. If you are a true democrat you don’t declare the day after a massive national plebiscite that the outcome should be ignored because you didn’t win, and/or call all the people who voted contrary to your vote stupid bigots. You can only do that if those were your true underlying views anyway, and they have now been exposed to public view.

    That is the beauty of Brexit and Trump, regardless of any other issues – they are exposing the Left for the hypocrites we on the Right always knew they were, but had managed to hide from the broad mass of the public. Now all the screaming, wailing, lies, disregard for democracy, hatred of their fellow citizens, intellectual inconsistency and calls for violence will be seeping into the public consciousness.

    Its all more than one could possibly have ever hoped for.

  8. Not as bad as those fuckers on the Today program who keep going on about how US chicken meat is washed in bleach, as if it were a 100% solution.

  9. NHS is a bit poser for the politicos. It has a voracious appetite, if you don’t feed it dollars it bites you on the bum. If you do meet the appetite you can’t do all the other things you promised to do. No ones brave enough for the gastric band surgery, because before you get there you’ll have every doctor and nurse on strike and the public will support them. As i said a bit of a poser.

  10. Isn’t he married to a private supplier of services to the NHS?

    People go on about privatising the NHS like its a bad thing but they also support their local private healthcare suppliers.
    Been to any NHS nursing homes recently? I’ve never come across one.
    How about patient care in the community? Friend of mine with 64% burns had carers come in 4 times a day to shower and cream him – private healthcare provider.
    He saw NHS staff only when he went to hospital. So 90%+ of his care was provided by private healthcare providers, not NHS.

  11. And yet they bark for Obamacare. Ergo you’d think they would want May to import the US system before the Trumpocalypse gives everyone over there cancer.

  12. People forget that the conservatives are hell bent on dismantling and destroying the NHS.

    They were in 1979 and although they didn’t actually do it then they certainly wanted to do it in 1983 AND in 1987 and by the time 1992 came around they were going to rip the NHS to pieces in the same way a pack of hungry wolves tear up a lamb.

    They must have got distracted or something so thank God Labour won in 1997 else the NHS would have looked like a nail bomb had exploded at a primary school morning assembly.

    Ever since 2010 the conservatives have been hacking away at the NHS like a deranged Viking running amok with a battle axe in a nunnery and once 2015 came along that Viking discovered napalm.

    Quite frankly these days I’m afraid that when I open my front door I will be swamped by a tidal wave of the blood and body parts of former patients of what remains of the shattered remnants of the NHS.

  13. Come on Andrew, that’s not the whole story. Don’t you know that the Tories have been dismantling the NHS since at least the Duke of Wellington’s premiership?

  14. Bloke in North Dorset


    As Matthew points out, it started well before ’79. I remember it going back to the mid to late ’60s.

    Their warnings are a bit like those charity adverts that have to get increasingly graphic with suffering children to tug at our heart strings because we’re all suffering from compassion fatigue. So with each election cycle their warnings have to get shriller and more apocalyptic to try to cut through our end NHS fatigue. And so the cycle continues to the point where their political enemies have become “literally Hitler” to try to get some air time, as we have seen with Trump.

    One day someone will come along and want to destroy the NHS and they’ll be fucked, because we won’t be listening.

  15. The ESpew likely had their sights on the NHS given that report last year–featured on this blog–that 68000 ( if memory serves) people die every year over here who wouldn’t die were they French or German. Because of the soviet-style bungling of the NHS.

    Now BluLabour doesn’t have the balls to go after the NHS because it is a UK fetish and the backlash of popular opinion would be to great.

    The EU however doesn’t give a rat’s arse for anyone’s opinion except their own. Brexit may have saved the NHS– at least until it collapses on its own.

  16. Andrew – the NHS such as the private GPs? The private end of life care we call hospices? The private chemists?
    People seem to like their private health companies.

  17. @Martin what does chicken meat get washed in within the UK?

    Finest Evian water. Then marinaded for 6 months in Tikka Masala sauce.

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