Is being shot in the Porsche dangerous then?

Briton Fatally Shot in Porsche in Thai Resort Town

8 thoughts on “Is being shot in the Porsche dangerous then?”

  1. Normally it would be a euphemism for being shot in the (v.small) penis area but in this case he was executed.

  2. Lionel Ebb – from The Dalston Mercury piece:-
    ‘So we need someone who can raise huge piles of wonga while simultaneously making our sport so dull as to be unwatchable. And nobody does that better than Bernie.’

    Is it true that F1 will no longer be on ‘free to air’ tv anyway?
    Small mercies & all that….

  3. Better than being shot in the Arsch though. Won’t be able to sit down for a while.

    Realize that being an asshole (USA) is nowhere near as bad as being an arsehole (UK), though to top that, one must be ein Arshloch (Germany). So redolent, don’t you think ?

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Just been looking at the Beeb website and I’m told: “Man sent hundreds of abusive letters”.

    Who from or to you have to follow the link.

  5. Could a Porsche even work in a Thai resort, where a speed in excess of 10mph is unreasonable? Carbon on the valves etc

  6. 1. Opens article
    2. Sees it’s in Pattaya:

    Occasionally you hear stories of a property deal gone bad and somebody getting bashed up at the hands of some thug who has a record of organised crime in the UK, and my advice to British police wishing to apprehend somebody who has fled the country is to jump on the next plane to Pattaya, hang around a few bars, and wait for your man to walk in. Pattaya has a reputation of being a dangerous place where a lot of expats meet a sticky end, and the term “flying farang” was coined for those who leaped or were pushed out of high-rise buildings. But as a friend of mine, who has recently bought an apartment in Patong, pointed out, the type of people who are turning up in Pattaya are often on the run from the law, criminals, business deals gone wrong, or problems they cannot deal with at home. Suicides and murders are always going to be high in the place where the UK’s chancers, sex-pests, con-artists, and criminals come to live out their days, and it is not necessarily a reflection of the danger an ordinary tourist or expat would face in Pattaya.

    3. Goes back to sleep.

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