Isn’t this all most amusing

Russian president Vladimir Putin interfered in the US presidential election to aid Donald Trump, according to a declassified assessment by the NSA, CIA and FBI.

“We assess Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election. Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrate Secretary [Hillary] Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump,” the agencies found in a long-awaited report that stands to hang over the head of the incoming Trump administration.

So, who is going to be the first journalist (I can’t, not my subject matter at Forbes) to compare and contrast this with the Clinton Administration’s support of Yeltsin against Zyuganov?

I was there at the time and it was all pretty obvious.

Steyn perhaps? Williamson?

Much of the report seems to be complaining that RT and Sputnik, as state funded operations, reflect the desires of the state.

Blow me down with a wet haddock then. VOA never does anything comparable of course.

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  1. The report itself reeks of bullshit to me.

    One of the first things about lies is how much people overshare. And the CIA/FBI keep on producing press releases about this spying.

    What doesn’t add up to me is motive.

    Let’s say you’re Putin. You’ve hacked one of the top people in the democrat machinery. All the polling suggests Clinton will win the democrat nomination comfortably, and win the presidency by some margin too. You’ve got a ton of information coming through to you via a hacked email and when Madam President gets elected, even more.

    Why would you reveal that (and close the flow of information) just for some bit of internal party bitching that no-one cares about? Why? Wouldn’t you do better to keep mining that, or even wait until after the election, get Hilldog sworn in and then reveal it and have all shit breaks loose? Why would you cut off such a valuable information source for that?

    On top of this, the FBI have never had access to the email server. Which begs the question of why the DNC won’t let them look into it. So, how do they know it’s Russians?

    An alternative explanation: It was a disgruntled DNC staffer with access to the email server, pissed that Bernie wasn’t going to make it and throwing toys out of the pram. They brought in a 3rd party to investigate who figured this out. They then fired the staffer but rather than reporting that, said it was Russians. Much more convenient than lots of news stories about the internal politics of the DNC. This also ties in with the timing – eve of the nomination – the last gasp at getting some superdelegates to maybe not pick Hilary.

  2. Agencies reporting to President Obama report what President Obama wants them to.


    Fuck off Barry. If you were capable of feeling embarrassment you would be embarrassing yourself.

  3. The Inimitable Steve

    Another dodgy dossier. Hopefully Trump drains the swamp of these worthless “intelligence community” jobsworths. Let them find the most valuable ways to serve their fellow man in the private sector – I hear Walmart is still hiring.

    We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect Trump

    You don’t say. The Rooskies preferred the candidate who didn’t want to bomb Russia? How many Bothans died to bring us this information???!?!

    the agencies found in a long-awaited report that stands to hang over the head of the incoming Trump administration.

    Which is the whole point of the “report”, natch. But nah. It’ll continue to serve as a fatuous talking point for bum-blasted proggies – our candidate didn’t lose because she was a horrible, sick old crook offering more of the same policies the electorate had grown weary of, bigot! It was a conspiracy by Putin, the KKK, the FBI and Colonel Sanders!

    However, normies don’t care, and the real objective of all this Russiaboutery – to put Trump’s administration on the defensive so as to forestall any DC swamp-draining – has already failed.

  4. Hallowed Be beat me to it.

    How many US diplomats should we expel for helping their president’s blatant attempts to influence the EU referendum, denigrate the Leave campaigners and demonstate his clear support for Remain?

    What wankers they are.

  5. From Steve’s link:

    The U.S. ambassadors to the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Costa Rica, and America’s U.N. representative in Geneva, all have children in the middle of school years, and the Costa Rica envoy, Stafford Fitzgerald Haney, is scrambling to find an apartment for himself, his wife (who’s fighting breast cancer), and his four school-age children

    Won’t someone think of the children?! How are extremely wealthy men, appointed because of political connections or donations, going to find somewhere to live in places like Prague or Brussels? ARE WE GOING TO ALLOW TRUMPHITLER TO THROW THEM ON THE STREETS?

    Apparently this is a news article.

  6. “They then fired the staffer”: was that the poor bloke who was murdered? If so it would seem that it was shots they “then fired” rather than the employee.

  7. The Inimitable Steve

    Rob – lol.

    And I don’t mean to be nameist, but Stafford Fitzgerald Haney sounds like probably dropped his monocle in surprise.

  8. CIA director John Brennan Hacked by Putin

    ‘Justin Liverman, arrested by the FBI for breaking into the AOL email account of CIA director John Brennan, has today signed a guilty plea deal’

    ‘Liverman is among the five individuals collared for their involvement in the mischief, alongside Andrew Boggs in the US and three British teenagers’

    Ok, it turns out to be two USians and three Brits but, but Russians.

  9. The BBC had a clear preference for HC, all funded by the UK government with the clear backing of Cameron who told us in no uncertain terms how horrid Trump was.
    If that’s not seeking to influence…

  10. The web is wonderful. Yesterday it taught me that Obama is gay, Michelle is a transvestite, and their girls are adopted.

    I hope this is foul Russian propaganda, because if it turns out to be true I’ll die laughing.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    Re those Amabassodors – i haven’t got time to do the research but I have it my mind that it is a common courtesy for all political appointees to resign when a new president is appointed. They may then be reappointed or asked to stay on to help with handover until their replacement is confirmed. I thought it even happened when the President wins a 2nd term.

    Perhaps one of US commentators can spare me the time later today.

    Anyway, the US won’t be without representation as the career diplomats will still be there to do the real work.

  12. Bloke in Wiltshire


    that’s into conspiracy theory territory, although:

    – shot multiple times
    – nothing taken
    – had access to democratic data

    But, I suspect not because he was more of a data analyst than a sysadmin, and murder’s a bit extreme in this situation. More like a conversation that went “we’ve got the evidence to prosecute you, but don’t want any trouble, so resign and don’t talk to anyone and we won’t prosecute you”.

  13. Well HRC has nobody to blame but herself. After all, using an unsecured private server broke US Federal Laws on an epic scale. “Hacking” a monumentally insecure system could be amd probably was done by almost anybody includning the Elbonian Intelligence Agency using their latest “Granite Tablet and Chisel” technology. “Denigrating” HRC hardly places Putin at the head of the queue does it? She did a thorough job of it herself after all.

  14. BHO was said to hit the reset button on US foreign relations, to make it more friendly overseas.

    DJT is apparently popular with Russian. Isn’t that hitting the reset button?

    Not that I’m an unambivalent fan, but there comes a point where one thinks he must be alright just because of the knaves and fools arrayed against him. And the glory of it is, they still don’t get it.

  15. All I can say – and it needs to be said as often as possible is

    1. You really can’t complain when other people do to you the same shit you’ve been doing to them.

    2. There would be no ‘erosion of confidence’ no matter what the Russians hacked, if the DNC wasn’t doing sketchy to illegal shit in the first place. This is some ‘there’s no privacy violation if you don’t know your privacy is being violated’ bullshit justifications here. Nobody would have lost confidence in the DNC if the DNC hadn’t been caught doing shady shit. Hell, if a burglar steals your computer, finds kiddie porn on it, and makes that info public, we don’t wag our fingers at the thief and say he shouldn’t have done that. We prosecute the fuck out of the kiddy-fiddler.

  16. Gary Taylor
    January 7, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Ditto the Canadian broadcasting corporation

    Which is doubly fucked up as the Canadian government has explicit laws making foreigners interfering or ‘influencing’ Canadian elections illegal.

    Everyone is doing this stuff to everyone – even their national ‘friends’ (if only to encourage the adoption of preferred policies and not anything more nefarious).

    How many countries around the world are heavy into the Drug War because of American influence? Influence to the point of actual cash deliveries for shows of support?

  17. @BiW: “that’s into conspiracy theory territory”. Quite. On t’other hand, some conspiracies presumably are plotted, and sometimes succeed.

    Though I admit I’ve never understood why someone political would be bumped off in the street and the assassin wouldn’t even bother to give the impression that it was a robbery. Fear of creating evidence if he touches the body? Or as a warning to others?

  18. So Much For Subtlety

    The intelligence report alleges to know what Putin said and to whom. The West has never managed to get a single agent inside the Kremlin before. I doubt they can now.

    So it looks like they made that up.

  19. So Much For Subtlety

    Israel is a subject that is always fascinating for the odd bed fellows it turns up. It will be interesting to see what the response to this is:

    Israel spends a lot of money bringing sympathetic Labour members over for a visit. A lot for Jewish people in general. I don’t see that as unacceptable. Israel is not East Germany whose money Mandelstam and other took. But I don’t think they should be conspiring to end British people’s political careers.

  20. The Inimitable Steve

    Via SMFS’s link: The revelations follow Tory infighting over the party’s policy on the Israel-Palestine dispute

    Why does any British political party need a policy on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute?

  21. So Much For Subtlety

    The Inimitable Steve – “Why does any British political party need a policy on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute?”

    At the risk of bringing a politically-correct storm down on my head …. donations?

    I assume that being pro-PLO does not play well in many places in the UK. Not all of them boardrooms. I am sure some Churches are not too hot on that either.

    At some point there will be more pro-Palestinian Muslim votes than pro-Israel Jewish or Evangelical but I am not sure we are there yet. The Labour Party is certainly feeling that way.

  22. I really can’t be bothered with this because it’s all just Democrat bad-loser whingeing, but surely the whole point is not that the emails were leaked, or who leaked them, but the explosive nature of the misdemeanours those leaks revealed?

    After all, if Shrillary’s emails had shown that she was honest, law-abiding, decent, and treated everyone scrupulously fairly, would there even be a story?

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