It’s getting amusing

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That is interesting. I am sure I can dig up a dossier, a little retrospectively I admit, on Allende. Who had a hell of a lot more ties to the Soviets than Trump – his daughter married one of his Cuban security advisors.

    Does that mean she supports, in retrospect, Pinochet?

  2. Were I Trump martial law would be very tempting. It would be interesting to see how the Hollywood luvvies coped with a soviet style Gulag.

    Not very well I expect.

    At least they wouldn’t need a reservation for dinner. And the Fish-heads and Boiled Grass a la Denisovich would definitely be better than at Spargo’s.

  3. Curious to see if Spargo’s still exists ( I think I heard the name while watching an episode of “Entertainment USA” about 1989) I went to their website and found this on the menu:

    “Big Eye Tuna and Hamachi Chirashi Box, Salmon Pearls, Yellow Tartar, Soy and Yuzu-Jalapeño Gel”

    It seems they already have an upmarket version of fish-heads and boiled grass on the menu.

    Take that Solzhenitsyn.

  4. Every snowflake reaction to Trump reveals the underlying fascism of the Killery supporters and convinces me that perhaps a boorish tycoon is the US’ last hope to reverse their totalitarian tide.

  5. I would just love them to be put through Marine Boot Camp. I might even watch it on TV.

    We could even have Mad Dog in as a guest lecturer in their French language training (these are the proto-emigres, yes?)

  6. Firstly Trump hasn’t been charged with anything.
    Nonetheless, just to keep Rosie happy, perhaps Gen Matrix could organise something?

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Martial law proposed from an SJW? Presumably because of the long history of military governments being liberal and handing back power to civilians when they asked for it with the key words, pretty please.

  8. “Were I Trump martial law would be very tempting. It would be interesting to see how the Hollywood luvvies coped with a soviet style Gulag.”

    Don’t be silly, Ecksy: reign in your inner fascist. Trump has no more reason to declare martial law than his opponents have.

  9. Yes funny. This works as an onion headline.
    It’s like that moving scene in saving private ryan where the two soldiers are sprawling on the floor trying to kill one another, but one gets on top and gradually as the lower one realises he can’t stop the blade from entering his chest, says something like,, ok playtime over, let’s not do this anymore, no, no no…….

  10. History by-pass more like it.
    The left has had a long love affair with socialism imposed at the point of the State’s guns. Why the Twating under discussion could as easily be some inspired trolling or the real deal.

  11. I like the ‘cleared’ bit – one suspects her version of the legal process is a version of Stalin’s show trials, where guilt was guaranteed at the start of the process.

  12. I volunteer to be one of the Gentils Organisateurs of the firing squads.

    O’Donnel lives in West Palm Beach, can’t be too hard to find her. She hasn’t been “cleared” so, up against the wall the red necked mother.

    Mr. Ecks, care to join me in helping the revolution devour its own?


  14. The snowflakes are pissed that Trump is going to evict the press from the whitehouse now. Like they’re entitled to it.

  15. Juan Williams: It’s ‘Up To Donald Trump to Prove He’s Legitimate’

    The Libtards can say whatever they want, then Trump must prove them wrong.

    Or he can ignore them and work with Congress to lower taxes. The latter is happening. The Left is not providing opposition, just noise.

  16. Meanwhile, people living in places like Westerville, Ohio go about their business as if people like Rosie O’Donnell and Juan Williams don’t really matter all that much in the grand scheme of adult living.

    Ignorant swine.

  17. I’m pretty sure I was watching when Williams made that comment.

    In context he was talking about gravitas or whatever. And, he has a point: it probably would be a good idea if someone took Twitter off The Donald again even if he is providing some fine theatre.

    Besides, it’s nice to have a leftie that can ruck with his opponents on tv without resorting to Nazi!Nazi!

  18. Even in it’s own right the logic is baffling. Martial Law to protect from a “Hitler”? How does that work?

    Why would the GOP prefer another President, even if legally done? Such a person would still not be liked by Democrats, but would also be hated by all the Trumpkins. Leading to the sort of stasis that destroyed Weimar Germany and made Hitler possible.

    The best cure against takeover by authoritarians is to resist all extra-legal manoeuvres. To insist everyone play by the book.

  19. Am I alone in thinking these people actually want these fantasy’s to come true?

    All I can see here are a bunch of women who are behaving badly in the hope someone will put on a Nazi uniform and punish them.

  20. It is a sign of Western society’s growing equality that fascists are no longer sinister looking men with moustaches in uniforms, but now also very fat women.

  21. “Am I alone in thinking these people actually want these fantasy’s to come true? ‘

    No. What good’s a ‘protester’ with nothing to protest about?

    This is why, any time we give SJWs what they claim to want, they just come back demanding more.

    As for martial law, that would be a good one, when most of the military supports Trump. Particularly now he’s said he’ll put an end to SJW-ism in the military. No more female officers telling male recruits to wear high heels and all that crap.

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