Lucky we left isn’t it?

The European Union could impose taxes on citizens of member states under radical proposals announced yesterday to help make up a funding shortfall in the wake of Brexit.

A report commissioned by the European Commission, European Parliament and member states called for effective federal taxes to be paid directly to Brussels to fund the EU budget.

EU-wide VAT of 1 or 2 per cent, standardised petrol taxes and a federal corporation tax are among the proposals put forward in the report.

Because you just know those rates will ratchet up over the years to become the most significant part of taxation, don’t you?

13 thoughts on “Lucky we left isn’t it?”

  1. Again the war aims of all those opposed to leftist tyranny should have the absolute and total destruction of the EU very high on the list.

    And the personal and individual punishment of ALL those who have been involved in or have been open supporters of that evil organisation.

  2. Still, if they do it will undoubtedly go down like a bucket of cold sick among the beleaguered populace and will certainly add to the fissle pressure in the non-core and even in the core states, so, shit for me living in eytie-land but a good thing in the long run.


  3. So, if you would indulge me, I would like to refer back to those Facebook postings designed by the Remain camp and posted dutifully by the obedient lefty Liverpudlian sheep I count as friends and acquaintances: I’m pretty sure I remember the EU being trumpeted for all those projects and grants we simply wouldn’t have without it.

    Turns out being a huge contributor meant something pretty real didn’t it!

  4. I’m sure that from Murphy’s past scribblings about similar situations, this would amount to mass tax evasion by Brits and we should be forced to pay any such future EU taxes imposed post Brexit.

  5. “And Marine Le Pen starts choosing curtains for the Elysees Palace…”

    Considering the 45000 euros a year the bastard has spent on it the curtains should be made from Hollande’s hair.

  6. “A report commissioned by the European Commission, European Parliament and member states”


    A report written by the European Commission for the European Parliament, who were told to want it, paid for by the member states.

    Which is as good a reason to leave as any.

  7. I thought the idea was to punish the UK by punishing the workers at Daimler-Benz and elsewhere but it looks now more like universal punishment.

    The EU is a masochist’s paradise suffering from a lack of masochists.

  8. As always, the journalistic devil is in the details. It is not EU ‘Citizens” who will be caught by this. It will be EU taxpayers. This does not include EU citizens who are not (through planning or happenstance) tax resident within a given EU tax jurisdiction.

  9. The extra tax burden will be another good reason for honest EU workers to come to Great Britain.
    If the rest of the EU wants to keep ’em they should cut spending instead, not raise taxes.

  10. Have to love this bit

    Jean Arthuis, chairman of the European Parliament’s budgetary committee, said: “If there is a new Europe-wide tax, in each member state the national authorities will reduce the amount to be paid at the national level.”

    Of course they will.

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