Move over Guido, there’s a new honest man in politics

In a startling admission, an independent candidate from Agra for the upcoming Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, has openly said that the only reason he wants to enter politics is to earn money,

5 thoughts on “Move over Guido, there’s a new honest man in politics”

  1. And as long as he’s earning his money – as he says he wants to do – instead of stealing it, what’s the problem?

  2. Guido makes a pretence of being honest, now? I think not. He’s just as addicted to truthiness, and as averse to truth, as any other politician.

    For example, honesty would lead to a retraction of this piece ( after Guido had it pointed out to him that he’d got it wrong, and was confusing two different things. (Doyle gave a politician’s answer, Guido was flat-out wrong about it being an outright lie.)

  3. The original Guido is sometimes said to have been the only man to enter Parliament with honest intentions…..

  4. @ Dave
    Do you mean that saying it wasn’t £15k a month because it was two months at £15k followed by one month at £18k was not a lie? If so you are wrong – it *was* £15k a month plus a final payment conditional upon performance.
    I am not sure that Guido seriously pretends to be honest – he just spends his time seeking out dishonesty by politicians.

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