My speech what I wrote myself

Tax abuse

Tax avoidance is supposedly legal – it exploits loopholes in the law
Tax evasion is illegal – it involves straightforward lying to tax authorities
Both have the same purpose
To free-ride the state and other citizens whilst enjoying the collective goods that they create
That’s why both are rightly called tax abuse

Actually, me, the Spudmonster, I’m the only person who calls them both tax abuse. Because everyone else calls tax avoidance “obeying the law”.

What tax abuse does to markets

Denies them the information they need to allocate capital efficiently
The opacity tax abuse needs increases risk for all market participants
Increased risk increases required rate of return for investments
That reduces the amount of funding for investment and so market activity

And that’s me jumping the shark. Paying less money to government decreases the amount of investment in the economy.

Err, yes Spud, yes.

9 thoughts on “My speech what I wrote myself”

  1. He’s getting beyond parody. A man who spat his dummy out and ran away from Corbyn writes a blog criticising those on the left who won’t cooperate with the liberals against the Tories.

    Complete lack of self awareness.

  2. “Large companies hide tax avoidance in their accounts”

    Oh do they really? And does this understanding underpin the criteria you set and the questions you ask when handing companies the Fair Tax Mark?

  3. Fascinating theory. Companies have to spend more in dividends to offset investors not knowing whether the company is or is not attempting to pay less in tax.

    The first of your competitors to demonstrate compliance will attract all your investors, while you risk losing your shirt if HMRC catches you out.

    How burdensome would the tax regime have to be for that to look like a good deal?

  4. Both have the same purpose
    To free-ride the state and other citizens whilst enjoying the collective goods that they create

    Isn’t this the man who organised his income for political lobbying as tax-free grants?

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “Tax abuse”. It’s nice to be able to invent your own terms out of whole cloth and then insist everyone uses them. It’s not just because he’s a fat, pompous thin-shelled cunt that he reminds everyone of Humpty Dumpty. “When I use a word,” Humpty Spud said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

  6. Not bothered to read the article but based on the hidden in accounts line above is he once again accusing the accounting profession and auditors in particular of collusion in unethical, verging on illegal, behaviour?

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