My word this is a big story

Starbucks will hire 0,0100 refugees, starting in US

Take That You TrumpyMcHitlerFascistRefugeeHater!

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    God I hate Starbucks. If they want to embrace every sh!tty Left wing cause, they can. No doubt it will play well with their metrosexual markets.

    But I don’t see why I should give them any of my money.

  2. I rather like Starbucks – their strawberries and cream frappuchino is great.
    Probably use them over a dozen times a year because they sell what I want.
    There is no other reason to use a business.

  3. Hang on, aren’t Starbucks franchises? Is the CEO going to force his franchise holders to employ these people, or he gonna have them all sitting around at HQ?

  4. Think it depends on the store and location as to whether it’s a franchise or not.

    Of course, by announcing this, Starbucks have just played directly into Trump’s narrative on immigration and jobs.

    Is there a Starbucks in Bumfuck, Alabama?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Martin – “I rather like Starbucks – their strawberries and cream frappuchino is great.”

    Says the man who boasts his wife wears the boots in their relationship. Surely a rather unsubtle troll?

  6. I don’t recall saying she wears the boots.
    Don’t think she even owns boots, not being able to put them on.
    She does wear sandals and at work she wears steel capped shoes.

    What reason do others have for using a business?

  7. To be fair they know their customers well. (And not just because they write their names on the cups.) Hence the SJW white guilt meltdown video:

    Nevertheless, I commend any left-winger who actually puts their wallet where their mouth is. I await the US market opening to see how their shareholders react.

  8. The Inimitable Steve

    Starbucks is the coffee shop for people who hate coffee.

    The only reason to go there is if you’re an adult with the palate of a toddler and/or a fatty kidding yourself that inhaling 3000 sugary calories is just “a cup of coffee”. And no wonder. Their coffee – sans all the syrup and cream – tastes like burnt dysentry.

    For a simple cup of black, unsweetened coffee while you’re on the road, McDonalds is hard to beat.

  9. Starbucks coffee is genuinely awful – I think Dunkin Donuts provided better, and indeed there were any number of nickel and dime diners in New York which were infinitely superior.

    Tim – you may want to check out TRUK where it looks like Murphy has engaged in one of his periodic phases of shark jumping re: Corbyn and Brexit, ‘The Left’s existential crisis’. It also appears that Austria’s response to the near election of the Freedom Party presidential candidate was to invite a genuine fascist in to address their Parliament. All in all a useful crop of absurdities for you to dissect if you have the time and will….

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I want a coffee I don’t go to Starbucks because I don’t want to play 20 questions before I can order it and then have to wait 30 minutes while someone performs a ritual in front of a steaming machine.

  11. Even in Seattle, where there is a Starbucks on every corner, every other café or book store provides better coffee.

  12. Interesting guys – several say starbucks coffee is bad.
    What do they do? They sell coffee.

    So what you are suggesting is that they are successful because they sell bad coffee. Its a neat trick if true.

    Perhaps they sell coffee that OTHER people like.

  13. The Inimitable Steve

    Rob – Yarp. Even their drive thru is slower than a week in jail. I hate the poncy product names too. I want a bloody large black coffee, not a “grande Americano”. The only good Americanos is the Holly Johnson song.

    Martin – Yes. Adults with the appetites of CeeBeebies viewers, fatty boom-booms, and people with MacBooks and ironic facial hair.

  14. Steve – so the business caters to a niche market and is successful at providing what buyers want.
    The fact that its not what you want means you have the choice to not buy there. While other people have the same choice and some do buy there.

  15. Has anyone asked the people if they want to train to serve coffee?
    Perhaps the ones fleeing are lawyers, doctors, engineers, business people, chemists etc – and do not want to work in Starbucks anyway?
    Does also raise the question – was the company planning a major expansion in certain areas anyway so was planning in excess of that number of jobs (0,0100 on my screen but I know elsewhere its 10,000) being created anyway? And those jobs are now going to be given to a particular group over the locals?

  16. Trump will pitch this move as an attempt by big business to further betray the American worker, and he’ll be right, and he’ll be believed.

    The lefty twerps who run Starbucks have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.

  17. At a guess Starbucks already employ a lot of immigrants. They’re cheap.
    So absent an expansion, they’re either going to sack one lot of immigrants to make way for another, or more likely continue their present hiring policy and claim credit for all the immigrants that they were employing anyway.

  18. Martin,

    “Steve – so the business caters to a niche market and is successful at providing what buyers want.”

    Well, yes. But it’s not about doing coffee as I think of it.

    The major criticism is about how hard Starbucks roast their coffee. Their beans get roasted harder that Nina Hartley. And it’s because most of their coffee goes in lattes.

    I think Nero’s espresso is about the best of the chains, then it’s either Costa or McDonalds (very good for the price).

  19. This is going to be a yuuuge problem. Without those 10,000 jobs what are all of the college graduates going to do? On the bright side at least we know what will cause the next recession, 10,000 art history majors being unable to pay off their student loans.

  20. LY – smart college heads have alreaady hedged that by encouraging students for “cash” from China, India, Saudi, Brunei etc. At least, that is what I hope the guys in charge of UK universities have done. Domestic education should be a society-paid-for-good if it is to mean anything.

  21. The main thing in favour of Starbucks is that you can lounge around for hours using the wifi. Other than that, it has nothing going for it apart from the souvenir mugs

  22. Diogenes,

    The problem with those students is that they pay cash. While the colleges will be ok the student loan lenders are still in trouble. We need solutions for the dire predicament of bankers possibly losing their third vacation homes. Obviously it’s time for a preemptive bailout of Sallie Mae. $500 billion in tax dollars sounds like a good starting point.

  23. LY – I look at the UK and a,most none of the grads will be able to repay anything of their student loans, and that was a system instituted in the early 2000s. In the US, the smart money ought to have written most of it off about 20 years ago. Is there data on how much student debt has ever been repaid in the US? Perhaps the basketball. tennis, golf and football stars managed it plus some of the Wall St major league players but…? Just wondering. When was thye American dream affordable if you had to pay for university education?

  24. The US student loan system is set up so that it is almost impossible to not pay them. AFAIK the only thing that is harder not to pay is taxes. For now the loans are being paid at a fairly good rate thanks to parents and delayed home ownership. 10k missing barista, and we have to remember that was divided across 75 countries, won’t actually crash the system. I wasn’t exactly trying to be serious when I suggested we can blame Starbucks hiring practices for the next recession.

    I am not claiming I have the knowledge base to be able to completely see through the spin but it appears around 11% of student loans are in default. While that isn’t good the government is tamping down the bad news for now. While the current tampering will be a problem in the next recession at least we have an idea of which banks will need bailouts.

  25. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Starbucks coffee here is great, and completely unlike the over-roasted swill the Gringo versions serve. But it always struck me as a bit coals-to-Newcastle to open an expensive café in a country that has a plausible claim to having the best coffee in the world. I’ve been in a couple of times to the one round the corner from me. I won’t have any truck with their bullshit naming conventions, either. I just say “large black coffee with two shots of espresso in it”* and that’s exactly what I get.

    * except in Spanish, natch

  26. Where were all these protestors when my nephew was turned back from entering the UK because he was travelling with a Hong Kong passport?

  27. Bicr, Starbucks in Costa Rica has something to live up to. And yet we know the power that us brands such as Mickey mouse have over East Asians and French people. How much of the Starbucks success is brand power and how much the shit they sell. It is a complex problem for any economist, sociologist or cultural anthropologist. Frankly, if your Starbucks sold the shit they sell in Seattle, Seville or Amsterdam, there would have to be very strong other reasons why. I think it’s the mugs

  28. Diogenes – and yet despite all those problems they sell coffee.
    They don’t cater to you they cater to other people. It appears to work for them.

  29. When there was the boycott of Starbucks due to paying almost no UK corporation tax, it turned out the franchise holders were paying tax as independent business owners. Around 180 of the shops run directly by Starbucks were being offloaded or closed as they lost money, hence the lack of profit.
    It sounds like in this case the adage that you are more likely to run something well if it’s your own skin in the game holds true.

  30. Dio,

    I haven’t seen their name come up yet. Then again the blame game hasn’t really heated up yet.

  31. I looked up their food menu and the very first item was a ham and cheese croissant. So they are going to expect these presumably Muslim refugees to be in an establishment that also has ham? What insensitive Islamophobic monsters! Summon the TwitterMob and rain maledictions down on their heads!

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