Oh Dear Lord…..

With Barack Obama’s exit the US is losing a saint. But a sinner may make a better president


He’s a machine politician from Chicago. No more a saint than Richard Daley was.

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  1. I kinda get that people thought he might be the messiah before he came into office. But really, what’s he achieved in 8 years? Obamacare? And well, how’s that going?

  2. As you say, a machine politician. But I think the most important thing about Obama is not that he is black, but that he is,was, and always will be first and foremost a lawyer.

    Charles II (I think) banned all lawyers from Parliament. That rule should have been kept.

  3. I loved the way his facebook account posted a picture thanking himself in the last couple of days.

    What a class act…

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Not to mention that he awarded himself a military medal for being such a great commander.

    Truly when people cease to believe in God, they will believe in anything. Human beings are not built for too much freedom. But this absurd Cult of Personality is creepy.

  5. A saint who dropped so many bombs.

    That is real change apparently, because his name wasn’t George or something.

    Not that it matters, lets the proggies have their delusion.

  6. “Blessed are the peacemakers”
    How’s that going for Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran’s nuclear programme? His support for the Muslim Brotherhood brought Israel to the brink.

  7. He’s the first Prez to have had the USA at war for every day of his presidency.

    He was a seventy-a-day man in 2016. Seventy bombs, that is.

  8. Simon Jenkins is wrong about everything.

    Obama is a preening cock end. His hour-long graceless wankfest of a departure speech beggars belief. If he was so shameless that he could pretend to have reduced himself to tears with the power of his own rhetoric I’d almost admire him. But I fear it’s all too genuine.

    The only reason he married Michelle is that so he can stare at his reflection in her big shiny forehead when he’s fucking her.

  9. What rarely seems to be mentioned is what an extraordinarily lucky politician Obama is/was. At every stage of his very short rise to the presidency, his opponents self-destructed. Mind you, the Donald…

  10. “what an extraordinarily lucky politician Obama is/was”: but is it extraordinary? How about Cameron, or Thatcher?

  11. He was also lucky in that he had a lot of powerful people behind him who just wanted to see a black President.

    (Mind you, Hillary had even more people behind her wanting a woman President, and she still couldn’t win.)

  12. @dearime
    It isn’t extraordinary – examine the career of any successful person (CEOs, senior politicians, actors, …) and you’ll generally find a large slice of luck has been involved. Sure, they may be smart, hard-working and ruthless, but they’re generally not in the top percentile for any of these characteristics. The dividing line is between those who have the self-awareness to realise this (Bill Gates is a good example) and those who don’t (Steve Jobs).

    If you’ve lived your whole life finding that every time you drop toast on the kitchen floor, it always lands butter side up, there’s a natural human tendency to assume this will continue indefinitely, particularly for arts graduates who struggle to understand the weak law of large numbers or regression to the mean.

    This accounts for otherwise inexplicable behaviour, such as Chris Huhne risking a prison sentence and the end of his political career for the sake of a trivial speeding offence. When you’ve done dodgy stuff every day of your life and always got away with it, why would you ever expect it to go wrong?

  13. @Alan Douglas, January 12, 2017 at 9:08 am
    “Charles II (I think) banned all lawyers from Parliament. That rule should have been kept.”

    Seconded. Lawyers passing laws to make lawyers richer is corruption.

  14. A Saint, that is the remaining power of the MSM. Obama is stumbling narcissistic, unintelligent, (but fakes it well) insincere, whiny, crapulous fuckwit of the highest order.

    He has that kind of fake cool enhanced by his skin colour that makes him such an icon to the left who are typically always most admiring of surface characteristics. His much vaunted oratical skills are actually a formulaic set of rhetorical tricks able to be produced only when reading from a prepared speech. His off the cuff attempts at speeches are nearly incoherent and full of um’s and errs and logical non sequiturs that make them painful to even attempt to follow.

    A classic Peter Principle example, promoted way beyond his pay and intelligence grade and invested with mythical properties because of racism.

  15. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If Simon Jenkins ever wrote anything bearing even a tangential relationship with reality, it was by pure happenstance.

  16. He managed to give Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Not sure what old Joe did to deserve that. Maybe staying out of Hillary’s way.

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