Oh yeah, this’ll work

I turned off the radio after Obama said, in his final speech: “In 10 days, the world will witness a hallmark of our democracy, the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next.” I yearned for a leader who would say something like: “Hey, there was foreign intervention in this election, along with voter disenfranchisement, so maybe it wasn’t free and fair. If there was collusion on Trump’s part, that’s treason, so we’re putting it all on hold and asking the supreme court what they think about all these unprecedented problems.” Obama’s statesmanly grace was, in fact, needless acquiescence.

Democrat being democratic as long as she wins.

We didn’t need to know the minutiae of the Russian intervention; we already knew that it raised questions so grave that the whole transfer of power should have been halted while it was investigated.

It’s just amazing how little she would like living in the world she claims to want to create.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Indeed. America overthrew the government of Honduras (or was it Guatamala?) because they were concerned about Russian interference.

    With a lot more evidence than there is about Trump.

    So let’s hear it for the CIA! Endorsed by cutting edge Leftist idiots. In retrospect we should be grateful to the Soviet Union. They provided a useful intellectual home for so many idiots. Now they range free and unfettered …..

  2. The article starts off with how ‘lessons need to be learned’ and then seques into: “I yearned for a leader who would say something like: “Hey, there was foreign intervention in this election, along with voter disenfranchisement, so maybe it wasn’t free and fair.”

    So those lessons are doomed to never, ever be learned.

  3. Ah, she’s “a Guardian US contributing opinion writer, an historian, an activist and a contributing editor at Harper’s magazine.”

    So no-one we really need to listen to anyway.

  4. Yahya Jammeh must cry hot salty tears that he doesn’t have the kind of support that Obama enjoys.

    I suppose the fact of being black and useless is not quite such a big deal in the Gambia. chiz chiz

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Julia what do you call a Trifecta when there’s four of them? A Quadfecta?

    A perfect Quadfecta of uselessness.

  6. As far as I understand it, Russian ‘hacking of the election’ consisted of trying and failing to get into RNC peoples’ emails, and trying and succeeding in getting into DNC peoples’ emails, largely because the man at the top of the campaign used as his password the word ‘PASSWORD’.
    John Podesta, bona fide genius.
    Then, having gained access, they released emails which showed the Democrats to be a shady bunch of lying fucks.
    (Not to mention that various Dem activists had to resign in disgrace for admitting paying people to cause trouble at Trump rallies etc).
    The American people should thank whoever revealed Podesta’s emails for shining a light under the rock. This alleged ‘journalist’ should be especially grateful.
    But she’s just a partisan hack, as they mostly are now, and she doesn’t see the plain facts in front of her face, or lies about them if she does.
    I don’t like Trump, I think he’s a twat, but I fucking hated Hillary and, either way, he’s now the president. Unless the media start treating him like the president they’re even more fucked than they look now.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    The Meissen Bison – “I suppose the fact of being black and useless is not quite such a big deal in the Gambia. chiz chiz”

    She should move to the UK. She’d be a shoe-in for the Chancellor of some university. Probably Cambridge.

  8. It’s just amazing how little she would like living in the world she claims to want to create.

    As one blogger wrote in response to Rosie O’Donnell’s call for martial law:

    Now about that military junta you apparently want to see in charge, how do you think they see you and yours? No clue, huh? Well, given what you’ve asked for, I am, I confess, unsurprised.

    So here’s the truth: With a few exceptions, they hate you. They hate everyone like you, by which I mean lefties / progressives / liberals, to the extent those may differ. They hate what you all have done to them, turning them into a frightfully well-armed gay bar cum feminist feelings fest. Even some numbers of the gays and feminists, folk who are soldiers and marines, airmen and sailors, first and foremost, hate you. They’re sick of SHARP training being the number one priority. They hate what you and yours have done to the country, both at home and overseas. Moreover, though veterans broke nearly two to one in favor of Trump,4 I would be shocked to the innermost fiber of my being if active military didn’t go even more heavily for Trump, and ground gaining combat arms and combat support didn’t go Trump much more heavily still. I would guess better than 90% of Army and Marine Corps combat arms, for example, went for Trump, sometimes, perhaps, reluctantly, but in the knowledge that anyone would be better than Hillary or the people who supported her.

    And you want martial law? You want to put them in charge? Let me tell you how that plays out, dumb ass.

    Well, I want you to imagine a long ditch, Rosie. You’ve been made to help dig it, except that in the interests of time and efficiency a backhoe was brought it to help on your section and a few others. No, no; it’s not part of the dreaded wall that will keep your side from importing and turning into clients a hundred million illegal Latins. No, this ditch has another purpose.

    In this ditch you, and a whole bunch of your political allies and comrades, are kneeling, shoulder to shoulder, with your hands tied behind you and, I am sure, rivers of tears running down most of your filthy faces. There is a captain behind the line, might be Army, might be Marines. Hell, he might even be Air Force or Navy Lieutenant. He is not crying; indeed, he is smiling. He has a pistol in one hand. He walks the length of the ditch, a private following him with a bag full of loaded magazines. The captain walks slowly, stopping about every two feet. Whenever he stops he faces the line of kneeling, sniveling, crying people who once thought martial law was just such a splendid idea. He aims carefully, and then shoots each one of you, once, in the back of the head. He’s at least a competent enough shot that he never misses at this range. Every thirteen shots he removes the magazine, hands it to the private, takes a fresh one, and reloads. Click.

    And there you are, Rosie, shivering in terror and wondering if maybe that whole martial law thing was really such a good idea. You’re afraid to look but you can hear the shots getting closer and closer to where you kneel. Suddenly, there is a massive bang and the guy kneeling next to you flops forward. You can’t help it, you look down and can see into his half-pulverized brain. You start to scream and then….bang.

    That’s what real martial law looks and feels like, Rosie. Are you sure it’s what you want?

  9. Tim Newman – man in the high castle stuff. But I’m sure it’d be more like when the generals tried to get rid of Yeltsin.

  10. Sounds reasonable. I mean, no government would ever cook up a fake crisis with the help of their friends in the media in order to stay in power perpetually.

    Fascists aren’t always men with moustaches in army uniforms.

  11. Anyone who wants martial law without control of the army and the food supply is an unfuckingbelievably stupid twat.

    Military blockades roads into coastal cities; red state county farmers refuse to sell food to cities. You starve quite quickly (though someone like Rosie O’Blob will last longer).

  12. “Military blockades roads into coastal cities; red state county farmers refuse to sell food to cities.”

    Aah, how the urban locavores would love to put their philosophy to the test like that :p

  13. Rob,

    ‘(though someone like Rosie O’Blob will last longer).’

    only marginally, you eat the vegetarians first because they are too weak to put up much of a fight then you eat the fat bastards because they can’t run so fast.

  14. Tim N, that blog quote is fucking harrowing. Reminds me of that picture The Last Jew of Treblinka, horrifying.

    How do these idiots who are asking for martial law not realize that agitators like themselves will be the first kneeling in front of the ditch?

  15. Julia, they expect for sure. But any reasonable analysis would show that anyone, left or right, who likes to stir the pot gets the bullet pretty much immediately.

    Oh yeah… that aren’t capable of reasoned thoughts, my mistake.

  16. A quick Google search confirms that Rebecca Solnit isn’t a trained historian. Nor, quite frankly, does she appear to be much of an activist. She’s an editor and writer, and as such, is little more than a less than prominent member of America’s chattering classes. As such, it is a given that she would have little to no understanding of what is actually taking place these days.

    It’s worth noting that for all her concern about coming up with a fresh analysis of why progressivism is failing in the States, she does little more than rattle off the canned arguments we’ve been hearing out of Democrats, liberals and progressives for the last two months.

    All her article does is confirm the fact that she is not now, and probably never will be, intellectually capable of coming to an understanding of reality. No doubt she will make sure to keep herself in NYC or LA/SF to make sure she doesn’t bump into said reality by accident.

  17. Bloke in North Dorset

    Aww, leave her alone, the poor dear. She’s just taking part in the SJW signalling ritual race to the absurd. Its a bit like the 4 Yorkshiremen being played by infants.

    I’m with DJ, quite a harrowing tale, but then he’s got lots of history to call on.

  18. Bloke in North Dorset

    Well, that’s the man sworn in then, so no martial law.

    I liked this one from Tim’s link:

    “As 12:01, Eastern Time, the civil war begins. I know it begins at that time because if no one else does I’ll start it myself.”

  19. Trump has been President for a few minutes and the bastards haven’t shot him yet.

    I don’t know the first thing about VP Pence, so: is he the typical life-insurance pick, like Quayle? “If you shoot me, look what you’ll end up with!”

  20. So Much For Subtlety

    Dongguan John – “that blog quote is fucking harrowing. Reminds me of that picture The Last Jew of Treblinka, horrifying.”

    Actually it is mostly a fantasy. Military dictatorships rarely kill all that many. Ideologues do – especially ideologues on the left. Lining people up next to trenches and killing them is a socialist thing, not a military thing. It is also an Islamic thing – Muhammed lined the Jews of Medina up along a trench and offered them a choice of Islam or death. All but one opted for death.

    Rosie is more likely to be on the other side of that gun barrel.

  21. Meanwhile, the snowflakes are horrified that a new adminstration is adopting policies different to the old administration, and the White House website has changed.

  22. The Democrats should legally constrained from calling themselves Democrats, as they clearly hate democracy.

    Democratic Party is false advertising.

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