Perhaps we should send for some of these? Perhaps a supermarket might like to try?

Tunisian farmers have warned that thousands of tonnes of oranges might have to be destroyed if more buyers cannot be found for the country’s bumper harvest.

According to Mohamed Ali Jandoubi, who heads the Groupement Interprofessionel des Fruits (GIF), an association of citrus fruit growers, farmers have harvested 550,000 tonnes of oranges so far this year.

“Over the past five years we reached a ceiling of 400,000 tonnes. This year we’ve harvested 550,000 tonnes. It’s huge,” said Jandoubi.

The specific varietal they grow is the Maltese blood orange:

It is, however, very tender and rag-free (like a Shamouti), extremely juicy and virtually seedless. The Tunisian Maltaise has outstanding flavour which is regarded by many, including myself, as being the finest quality of any non-navel orange; in France it is spoken of as the ‘Queen of Oranges’. It is very sweet but with adequate acidity and has a particularly delicate flavour which, when combined with it tenderness, seedlessness and high juice content, forms the near ideal desert fruit.

Apparently good and going cheap…..

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  1. “Half of the crop could be destroyed if not enough buyers were found…”

    Why half? Why not just the surplus?

    Or do they always grow a surplus?

  2. @JuliaM,

    Fewer domestic customers since they shifted focus of their export operations to young unemployable men.

  3. Or someone should build them a juicing plant.
    It’s the perennial orange problem. Had it when I had a dozen trees. When your trees are in fruit, everybody else’s trees are in fruit. Can’t give them away (I bought 12kg before Xmas from the supermarket. Cost me £6. Cheaper than the 150km round trip to pick them.)
    So we used to run the juicer red-hot. Freeze gallons of it for summer

  4. is there an equivalent of cider for oranges? Mind you, probably not possible to make it in Tunisia without bearded nutters trying to blow you up.

    Most boring holiday I had was in Tunisia, even though we saw Tunis and Carthage. Beaches were fucking jellyfish central.

  5. Incidentally, if you want bumper crops run the weeper drains from your septic tank through your orange grove. Boy did we get some juicy ones. Size of grapefruits.
    What goes around, comes around.

  6. @BF

    Tunisia is a wine producer – something which hasn’t changed since Mohamed Bouazizi set himself alight in a Tunis market and triggered the revolution. From memory, the reds which I tried were perfectly drinkable.

    Personally I liked Tunisia. Sure, Tunis is a modern enough city, the remains of Carthage are pretty much non-existent and Sousse is a tourist trap but I’d recommend getting away from those and see the ruins at Dougga, El Djem and Sufetula or the visit the Bardo Museum and see the mosaics.

  7. You can make a refreshing drink with oranges. Just most people who drink orange juice either want it neat (orange juice) or mixed with alcohol.
    I can recommend a plain mead with just a hint of orange juice – a 1 litre carton is enough for about 38 litres of mead.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    F**k ’em. They produce nothing of use or importance. If it wasn’t for oil and terrorism we would not give a sh!t about these people.

    Fracking is taking care of the oil. Terrorism can be solved by building a great big wall with them on the other side. If they all starved to death – which they would without constant Western help and technology – I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep.

    The only thing we should be sending over that wall ought to be made by BAe.

  9. I used to live in Tunisia, has its ups and downs but I’d go back, I doubt it’s gone down hill as far as one hears in the press.

    Agree absolutely with Clarissa, especially El Djem and Dougga.

    I’d like to see Tunisia join the EU.

    Recreate the Roman empire

    If the fuckers in Brussels weren’t such cunts they’d forget about deepening which nobody wants and concentrate on leveraging the bits of the EU which actually work, such as the single market (by and large).

    Also what Tim N said.

    Fuck the French, a thousand years of hatred – there must be a reason..!

  10. > I’d like to see Tunisia join the EU. Recreate the Roman empire…

    I like that idea. Move the EU’s capital from Brussels to Rome; the EU gains all the southern and eastern Mediterranean states; but loses Scotland, Ireland, and everything north of the Rhine and Danube. Northern Europe regroups as the Hanseatic League.

  11. I, too, agree with Clarissa about Tunisia. I’d add that the desert areas in the south of the country can be hauntingly beautiful.

  12. BiG

    And then we can have the thirty years’ war again!

    I hope you aren’t assuming there that the EU has been responsible for keeping the peace in Europe. Because NATO and democratisation have done that – not the EU.

  13. Wasn’t Star Wars filmed in the deserts in Tunisia? If so, the country’s got some weird fvcking animals living there.

  14. @Clarissa and Theo – Yep. And a drive (with a guide who knows where the heck he is) across the Chott el Jerid is fun, too. The hollow sound under the jeep as you blast away on the salt and sand crust wondering if you’re going to break through and wind up in the soup is a lot of fun. Like Alaska truckers, but in 40-degree weather.

  15. @Clarissa the remains of Carthage are pretty much non-existent

    Yep, those Romans did a thorough job. I like to mention this as an example when some twat claims “war never solved anything”.

  16. “Move the EU’s capital from Brussels to Rome”: if you want to mimic the Roman Empire in its long-lasting form, move the EU’s capital from Brussels to Constantinople.

  17. But to be serious; if a new mini Ice Age is close (or even an honest-to-God pukka Ice Age) then we’ll be well advised to move south. The Frogs can share Tunisia and Algeria with their Kraut pals; the British, being an Atlantic people, should grab Morocco. What to do with their native peoples? Easy, they are so keen to live in Northern Europe they can have it.

  18. Tunisian farmers have warned that thousands of tonnes of oranges might have to be destroyed if more buyers cannot be found for the country’s bumper harvest.

    This never would have happened if Hillary had been elected.

  19. @dearieme – move the EU’s capital from Brussels to Constantinople

    I’m rather partial to Utica myself – the place were the last diehard supporters of the Republic under Cato the Younger fought against the coming dictatorship of Julius Caesar. And it’s in North Africa, so perfectly situated for the discussion in this thread.

  20. Mr Ecks, the oranges are too sweet for Marmalade, in Sicily they make Solerno from Sanguinello blood oranges and Mandaretto from tangerines, they sell for £20 a bottle.

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