Shouldn’t we explicitily and deliberately do it on this date?

It has been pencilled in for years. March 25 2017, the 60th anniversary of the agreement that effectively gave birth to the European Union.

But now EU officials fear their celebrations for the Treaty of Rome could be thrown into jeopardy by Theresa May’s plans for Brexit.

EU figures have contacted government ministers to ensure that the Prime Minister does not pick their anniversary for triggering Brexit talks.

There is a concern that Mrs May’s promise to trigger talks by the end of March could mean the most awkward of diary clashes.

Yes, actually, yes we should. 25 th March it is for triggering Article 50 then.

32 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we explicitily and deliberately do it on this date?”

  1. Why would only EU officials be celebrating it? Surely street parties are planned throughout Europe, by delighted citizens of mother Europa?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The whole point of Brexit is that they will stop interfering in our affairs and we can go back to not giving a sh!t what they do or what they think.

    I couldn’t be bothered even doing it if it upset them. Who gives a f**k? We should pick whatever day suits ourselves for whatever reason we like.

  3. January 1 was the 44th anniversary of the UK joining the EEC. But since that was missed…

    Could still do the actual leaving on the 45th anniversary. There’s no requirement that the negotiations actually take two years.

  4. that’s really shitty negotiating. I bet May hadn’t even thought about it. “Hey, don’t you dare come near the gold that’s hidden in that warehouse”. May’s reply should be something like “well that’s nice for you. Funnily enough, that was the day we were considering, what’s in it for us to change it?”

  5. It would be delicious in some ways, but I fear it would only give the EU free publicity for its 60th anniversary bash.

  6. “Ok guys I am afraid I have lost our largest client , that the one which pays the wages around here “
    “Oh … I `ll get my coat then ..”
    “ No no , its actually good news ….. because we are free to find another one
    “ Mate…that’s not what I generally think of a s good news , we always were “
    “ Ok looks grim … ok ( thinks hard) Look I have had a really good chat with someone else
    “Yup , look I’ve got stationery to steal …. So err…”
    “ Ok ok … don`t be glum because, you know that HR woman we`ve got , she has got some great new names for some of the stuff we did before”
    “Really …! No seriously , better call the wife , you know holidays to cancel kids to take out of school … … could you never never speak to me again . No offence”

  7. I am no historian but I am informed, when on holiday, of special days (also streets named after such days) that celebrate some political event important to some other country. The 4th July is well known; also 14th July, 10th June, 16 September, and lots more. Note 25 March is the national day of Greece (declaration of independence from the Ottoman Empire, in 1821).

    Most interesting in all lists of such days (independence, national, liberation) is the lack of special day for the United Kingdom. We do appear rather frequently though in the right-hand column (as what independence/liberation was from). We have saints’ days for constituent parts of our particular Union. We also have the Queen’s official birthday (no set date, rather like Easter etc).

    My question is should we have a UK National Day? And should it be the day that exit under Article 50 is registered (rather than the glorious 23rd June)? And should we specifically set that day to coincide (on 25th March) with something the EU now wish to hold dear?

    Personally, I think no to all of these (even 23rd June), though (for the avoidance of doubt) especially no to the first.

    In any case, does BREXIT itself not rather seriously spoil the event the EU wishes to celebrate. And, for them too, is not that thing far more significant than worrying about it being attributed to some specific date? It’s just more frothing at the mouth and pen!

    Best regards

  8. Sorry you lost your client NewRemainia.

    Being out on licence from the nuthouse it will be esp harsh you having to go back after such a time outdoors.

    Still you haven’t been taking your meds have you–so maybe its for the best.

  9. Rather OT but a contender for OTT:
    This from the Torygraph:

    Ignoring that the election result would seem to indicate, not the face America was showing inauguration day – not exactly the Anglo-Saxon fortitude under adversity founded the Union is it? More the face of the petulant spoiled child told ” no she can’t have a present. It’s not her birthday.”

  10. Delaying until 23rd April would be fine with me.

    Although, much as I love St. George and Bill, I could be persuaded to move the national day to 25th December in recognition of the most beautiful human being of all time, i.e. Dido.

  11. CanWeHaveOur£2tnBackPlease?

    You’d have thought that some smart company would have been marketing toilet tissues embellished with the logo of l’Union europeenne organised crime syndicate.
    That way regular readers could celebrate this auspicious anniversary in a suitable way.

  12. National Days – no thanks. I’d rather have an extra day’s holiday of my choice paid for by the initial 1 day’s GDP saving from leaving the EU. Government not required here, just as it isn’t required that it collect data on how we self identify.

  13. In light of his prescience on the EU I suggest we leave on Burns’ day.

    “For never but by British hands
    Maun British wrangs be righted!”

    never = ne’er
    hands = hauns
    righted = pit richt.

    I hope that’s helpful.

  14. We do have a UK National Day,1st May is the anniversary of the union that created the united kingdom. I try to rememebr to put the flag up on 1st May.

  15. I’ve heard plenty of guff about “where’s that £250 million for the NHS you promised?” (even though we haven’t left yet) but I have yet to see anything on how the EU are going to replace the £12 billion (or whatever it is) we lob to them every year. Anyone know?

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