So, he dictating yet?

Been sworn in for 12 hours or so hasn’t he? And it is an immediate dictatorship, isn’t it?

18 thoughts on “So, he dictating yet?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I know it is wrong to enjoy the suffering of others, but I want to put a picture of those Hillary supporters crying on the wall of my office.

    He is not dictating yet, but he has taken complete control of their minds.

  2. I, for one, am looking forward to 4-8 years of the meeja tilting at the windmills of their cartoon version of Trump, while the real one is out there doing nothing particularly spectacular.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    abacab – “while the real one is out there doing nothing particularly spectacular.”

    I am looking forward to them crying themselves hoarse while the real one is out there doing *everything* spectacular.

    Closing down NPR? Come on. Go for Harvard’s endowment. Insist that it is only fair to redistribute it. I am sure Kansas State and the Iowa Agricultural College would love a share.

    And how old is the sprog? He may well be sneaking out of the back window of the White House and banging Super Models before they are done.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Isn’t NPR almost entirely funded by donations?”

    Yes, and it puts out some bloody good programmes.

    I think smfs or Ecksy will point out that a lot of those donations are from cultural Marxists though.

  5. Andrew M said:
    “Isn’t NPR almost entirely funded by donations?

    Wikipedia seems to be saying 32% from public sources, but most of that is universities and local governments. Perhaps something like 10% federal funding tops.

    But there’s apparently a “federally funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting” that provides a big slug of that 10%; that can go for starters.

  6. “I think smfs or Ecksy will point out that a lot of those donations are from cultural Marxists though.”

    Can’t stop the scum from spending their own money. However –in a free market sans all the opportunities the state sends by accident or design–how many rich leftists there would be is unknown at this time.

  7. On Day One Trump ordered Federal agencies to stop implementation of all new regulations.

    Dictatorial power over the Federal government, not the people. All dependent on the Federal government are rightly concerned.

  8. They came and rousted us yesterday evening.

    I’ve just spent a 12 hour shift putting up the wire on the camp’s fencing.

  9. Gamecock – I assume that’s the best satire I have ever read. If not, ordering the civil service to not implement the law would be pretty much the definition of dictatorship, yes?

  10. Common sense if he means to abolish the Scrawney Jug-Eared Cunt’s decrees hard upon. Saves money–avoids confusion.

  11. @BiG

    Regulations are not laws. Regulations are rules made by the executive branch, of which Trump has just become the head. For example. Congress might pass a “clean air act” but they’re not going to dictate what kind of fuel can be used in what kind of vehicle. Instead, they empower the executive (or specifically some department, like the EPA) to make regulations to ensure a good quality of air.

    Custom has always been that an outgoing administration does not make changes to rules and regulations in the last few months. The Obama administration made some changes, and Trump has told Federal bodies not to implement these new rules, so the new administration has time to reverse them if they feel that is warranted.

    If he was telling them to break laws, they would be entirely within their authority to ignore him. He is not.

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