So Polly doesn’t like Donald then?

Britain stares at him across the Atlantic, aghast at this grotesque man-baby, this loud-mouth buffoon and braggart,

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  1. And he stares back at a fat ghastly cow who is too stupid even to be an effective liar in the cause of leftist tyranny. A deceitful hag afloat on an ocean of the blood shed by murdering socialist scum.

  2. I, for one, can’t wait for Polly’s bloviating about whatever outrage Trump commits which merely follows an Obama precedent of which she is either blissfully unaware, or it’s totally different “because reasons”. “Reasons” being mostly “I like Barry, but Trump is ChimpyMcBushitler Mk.2”.

  3. Even Polly is right about something sometimes. And God knows Trump is as a big an arsehole as she describes.

    As for Polly, she manages in the same article to decry the TTIP and Britain’s chances of reaching a free trade agreement with the U.S. That it needs. Well done Poll!

  4. The Guardian would come on all high-minded if abuse of a similar form to Polly’s of Trump were directed at someone guardianistas approved of – particularly if the object of the abuse were female, ethnic, gay, disabled etc. Polly’s hypocrisy is no less for being implicit.

  5. aghast at this grotesque man-baby, this loud-mouth buffoon and braggart

    Who nevertheless seems to be on good terms with his wife, ex-wife, and children. I still think one of the most positive aspects of Trump is that he’s been married for 11 years to a woman who seems determined to play a role in raising their son, and the kids and in-laws from his previous marriage appear to be pretty balanced and smart individuals. He hasn’t raised a family of Kardashians or Paris Hiltons, anyway.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “The Guardian’s hypocrisy doesn’t alter the fact we’ve got a fruitloop kn the White House”

    The American voters finally got tired of your sort of politically correct bullying. Britain should be so lucky. Because in the end Trump is better than any alternative you or Hillary could offer up.

    You should congratulate yourself on the small part you played in getting him there. I am certainly grateful.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “He hasn’t raised a family of Kardashians or Paris Hiltons, anyway.”

    Or whatever the hell is wrong with Chelsea either. On the other hand one of the upsides to being a billionaire is that the children probably remember your birthday.

  8. “carefully brokered nuclear deal with Iran”

    Why does Iran need nuclear power? According to Polly Toynbee elsewhere, we can manage just fine on wind power, so why can’t the Iranians?

  9. @BiW – Quite… particularly given how much gas they burn off at the well-head cos they can’t be bothered to do anything useful with it like, oh, I dunno, combined-cycle electricity generation?

  10. If they’re pointing at the Iran deal as Obama’s crowning achievement then we know for certain he was a total disaster.

  11. The Guardian’s hypocrisy doesn’t alter the fact we’ve got a fruitloop kn the White House

    Actually, the fruitloop is leaving the White House in a week’s time.

  12. @Ironman: That ‘fruitloop’ just handed the fawning MSM their arses live on television, and sent them all to their fainting couches.

    More please!

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    Ted S. – “Actually, the fruitloop is leaving the White House in a week’s time.”

    Actually I can’t believe he isn’t just a fruit. I mean, I know he has a wife and two children, but just look at the man …..

    Ironically Trump is more culturally-African-American than Obama. He engages in the same loud mouth boasting, sexism and disrespect we have all come to know and love from the world of rap music. Except rap artists shoot each other. And occasionally dangle rivals out of windows. So it promises to be a fun four years.

  14. Talking about grotesques, Toynbee is one of those women whose sexual attractiveness would be immeasurably increased by a sound and thorough beating.

  15. So Much For Subtlety

    Martin – “the defenestration of Washington could become more famous than the defenestration of Prague then.”

    Which one?

    There is no fun hanging someone out of a window in Washington. They just aren’t high enough. What are the chances Trump moves the capital to New York and stays in Trump Tower?

  16. ‘aghast at this grotesque man-baby, this loud-mouth buffoon and braggart,’

    I thought she was talking about ManBearPig. Who was almost elected in 2000.

  17. At least Trump doesn’t bring a Bobby and Teddy into Washington with him. And his children might end up less dysfunctional than the Kennedy brood too.

  18. I bet Polly was there, back in the day, chanting “LBJ, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?” and yet the fruitloop attracts no criticism for his drones and bombs and the murder of a US citizen. In fact the Trumpharrumphers are more bothered about a trivial episode of urolagnia than Obama’s inept warmongering. Surely all the SJW tweets about peegate amount to an aggression against an oppressed minority culture?

  19. The whole point of the article was so the vain old fool could tell the world she once interviewed Trump.

    And the Guardian knew the article was a steaming pile of buffalo dung – they kept it closed for comments.

    Closing comments early or entirely seems to be a new feature at the G. Are they going broke so quickly they don’t want to pay for the bandwidth comments take? Their appeals for funds are becoming more energetic and prominent.

    Are we right wing mole troll commenters frightening their poor snowflakes with our logic, facts, numbers and all?

  20. Look, His democratic mandate isn’t in question here. My point is he is demonstrably, in plain sight, an arsehole. Are we suggesting arseholes don’t ever win elections?
    Comparisons with Hilary are irrelevant; he remains an arsehole. In democracies people are entitled to vote for the candidate of their choice. They did that, good them; they voted for an arsehole. Sone realised they were voting for an arsehole but had their reasons; others, very sadly didn’t.

    The question each one of us could ask ourselves is “where do I fit into that”?

  21. Is the Donald more of an arsehole than Obama, with his truly pathetic speech making, his inept policies and his ability to ratchet up geo-political tension everytime his dick swings and he invents another catastrophic policy?

  22. Ironman: I have seem many people call Trump names and when I press them on exactly why, they have not so far given a satisfactory answer.

    Sometimes they will say that Trump said or did something that either never happened, or was intentionally and grossly distorted by the media.

    So, my question to you is, what did Trump say or do that would cause you to call a perfect stranger an ‘arsehole’.

  23. OK, let’s leave aside all the absolute stupid things he says: from the Obama birthed nonsense to his counter-knowledge protectionism. Let’s forget that.

    Let us instead consider how a president, dammit how any self-respecting adult man, should behave. Trump doesn’t. I thought thought be an act but it isn’t. He’s incapable of displaying the manners necessary for anybody in a professional role.

    Now, some people voted for him because he wasn’t Hilary; I get that. Others, however, looked at all of that behaviour and instead of recoiling in horror said”That’s the boy for me”. I’m not her words, they’re arseholes too. And a number of them are on this blog.

    And best of all is the way the same types who joined me in saying things abouy a woman on Mailonline, things that really weren’t pleasant, suddenly become maiden aunts when their little hero is criticised. So? Fred Z, truly pathetic.

  24. Ironman, nobody has said anything “maiden-auntish” about Polly’s, or your, criticisms of Trump. They’ve just disagreed with them or asked you to justify them, as Fred did. (Incidentally, you didn’t answer his question.)

    You don’t like Trump. OK – nor do I, much. But don’t expect to change people’s minds unless you can give a coherent justification for your view.

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