The Daily Mail is now running an Oz version?

Sydneysiders who are stuck in the daily grind and unable to afford a property in the expensive local housing market might be in luck.
For less than the price of a median house in the harbourside suburb, you could be living the good life on your very own island in the Caribbean.
An island measuring almost four acres off the coast of Belize has become available on eBay – and it could be yours for as little as $660,000.

Think there’s a version of this piece which talks about the price of a one bed London flat as well.

Good freelancing trick tho’ research once rewrite many times.

And just for those tempted, that part of the world is also known as The Mosquito Coast…..

12 thoughts on “The Daily Mail is now running an Oz version?”

  1. I’d be tempted, if I weren’t struggling to find the deposit for a house here. The commute to work is probably rubbish though!

  2. Daily Mail Rules! Get governments to inflate house prices keeping stupid middle-class happy: then run endless stories about how silly house prices are! ‘Its such a puzzle but nothing can be done about it’
    In cold fact the Daily Mail probably did less damage in its brief Hurrah for the Blackshirts phase than it does now in it endless promotion of house price inflation. Get the average house price up to £1 million and we”ll all be millionaires!! Stands to reason don’t it?. And now on a lighter note : a tale of Polish immigrants who want to do a job of work and pay taxes. We know what we think of them don’t we ,happy wankers?

  3. A friend of mine inherited an island in a similar location; nowhere near as cool as one might think. The main problem was that it was only 1m above sea level….

    @DBCR – you might want to slow down mate; I’m 8 hours ahead of London and on a bank holiday but you seem to be several drinks ahead of me.

  4. Serious question. Was there malaria in the New World before Columbus, or is it an import from the Old World?

  5. The online part of the Daily Mail has had an Oz version for a few years now.

    Gives a wider range of wannabe celebs to choose from I suppose

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The climate in Belize is foul in general. It’s a pretty backward sort of a place and riddled with crime (it’s got a homicide rate about 50 times that of the UK, although as per usual it’s most wrong ‘uns killing wrong ‘uns).

  7. @dearieme, there is no evidence (last time i cared admittedly about 20 years ago) of malaria in America prior to European settlement, by which time it was a plague across much of africa, asia, and europe. That said I am not sure it is the kind of disease you can find forensic evidence for by digging up old bones. You either die or get better (or live with it).

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