The Mail has a story about Lena Dunham “posing provocatively”

Not one I’m going to read nor even point to obviously.

Some things are just not fit for polite society.

30 thoughts on “The Mail has a story about Lena Dunham “posing provocatively””

  1. I feel like the occasional visitor here who asks who Richard Murphy is?

    Should I know who this woman is?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The Horror! The Horror!

    How does this woman get into the media? How does she have a career? Why isn’t she lanced like a fetid decomposing boil?

  3. Womanspreading: when a woman takes up more space in the paper than is necessary to accommodate their achievements.

  4. Provoking homosexuality it seems to me.

    “She is a Nasty Woman for life and she does not care what you think of it.” Good. Then she won’t care that I for one think it’s revolting.

  5. @Tim Newman – that photo would have put me off jerking off as a teenager. As it is I could be flaccid for weeks…

  6. Not that bad.

    “As a female in a male dominated industry, she is doing her best to stop trying to be liked by everyone”.

    A bit disingenuous that that industry everyone learns on day one it actually helps to be provocative.
    Translation. ‘Bit surprised i’m getting away with my thang but i am so yah boo sucks to all you haters and take a good look at my bum’.

  7. To paraphrase Beecham on Stockhausen…Have I seen Lena Dunham? No, but I accidentally stepped in some on the way here.

  8. off-topic but Murphy’s post on Trump is hilarious.

    Murphy recounts him being on jury service 30+ and the jury electing the ‘wrong’ foreman.

    You can tell who he things ought to have been elected and you can also tell that 30+ years later, it still grates with him.

  9. “Justice was eventually done. But the wrong person had not helped. And now we have a President with same credentials as that foreman had when offering himself for selection. And I am not as confident that second attempts will always be permitted.”

    Oh….my….god! Is he really saying that without him – Richard Murphy – to guide the way, Trump is doomed to fail?

  10. I’ve never met someone whose bloated ego outsizes his abilities as much as Murphy.

    I’m sure he truly believes that at the age of 23 he basically saved the Uk’s legal system (even though they clearly didn’t vote for the right foreman).

  11. Whoa!

    I’ve downloaded the pics,put them four to a page on a dozen sheets of A4 and I’m going to use them, that’s for sure.

    Only problems are, I can’t do the perforations and the paper’s not very absorbent.

    Might have to stick with Andrex.

  12. It’s my own fault, I didn’t heed the warning, instead I went and Googled and …

    Yes, definitely provocative in that the pictures provoked a feeling of nausea.

  13. “Her poses threaten to expose more than her maroon one-piece”

    First time I’ve heard it called that !

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If that pinguid goblin Lena Dunham were in possession of a tolerable personality she could be forgiven, but sadly she’s a perfect exemplar of the old adage, “beauty is only skin-deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone.”

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