The truth about the British Midlands

Residents of Wolverhampton claim they have had close to 50 sexual partners in their lives making it the most promiscuous city in the UK, a survey found.
The average person in the West Midlands city, which lies 17 miles from Birmingham and has a population of just over 250,000, claims to have had a staggering 48 lovers.

Difficult to find a decent date up there, got to keep looking…..

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The average person in the West Midlands city, …. , claims to have had a staggering 48 lovers.

    Naah, not possible. They have big families up that way, but not that big.

  2. I remember being rather depressed, in the later years of my schooldays (as I noticed how interesting and lovely some of my female fellow pupils were, yet how completely disinterested they were in me) at surveys that proclaimed (with typical Shock-Horror-Moral Collapse! prurience) that the average age for first getting laid was down to 14, and that the typical schoolboy had shagged their way through a dozen partners by the time they did their GCEs (or something like…)

    Then I thought “where are these figures coming from?” and I was introduced to the idea of reporting bias in surveying, and I felt rather better.

  3. “Fat chicks do anal.”
    But how would you know, SMfS?
    Could be the wrongun’. Could be the rightun’. Could be a particularly deep crease. So hard to tell.
    There’s just so much of them, isn’t there?

  4. Bugg*r all else to do there…

    runs for cover in case any regular commentators are Wanderers from Wolverhampton

  5. Bournemouth once had an Upper Pleasure Gardens and a Lower Pleasure Gardens. I don’t know which was more popular. They have now changed the names.

  6. Wolverhampton is about 20% ethnic minorities but only 1.7% muslim, so promiscuous or boastful blacks could be increasing the claimed average.

    The average of 3-4 partners in Wales presumably doesn’t include the sheep.

  7. Jason Lynch
    Forgive my pendantry, but ‘disinterested’ does not mean the same as ‘uninterested’.

  8. What’s with “British Midlands” in the title? There don’t appear to be any other regions around the world popularly known as “the midlands”. All I’ve managed to find is a handful of U.S. pubs by that name; but I suspect they were founded by expats from the black country.

  9. Wolverhampton is all right, have spent many evenings there with friends in pubs and clubs. Its really not much different to any other place, except they speak proper in Wolverhampton.
    Not like those southerners, what do you call them? Brummies.

  10. “the UK mean with a National Health Centre survey suggesting a man has 11.7 lovers in his life while a woman has 7.7.”

    That figures how? More likely men exaggerate more than women by an average of 4.

  11. “Did the survey specify the partners had to human?”

    Of course not. That would rule out all copulations with the knuckle-draggers of Wolverhampton.

  12. Alex: simple. Consider the following example. Letters indicate men, numbers indicate women. Not sure how this will be displayed.

    +-A—-1 |
    B 2-+
    C 3-+
    D 4-+

    The average woman has 1 partner. The average man has 0 partners. The man with four partners is not average, he’s an outlier.

  13. Ok, that was crap. Try drawing this:
    A has sex with 1,2,3,4
    B,C,D have sex with nobody.
    The average Letter as had sex with 0 people. The average Number has had sex with 1 person. The Letter who has had sex with four Numbers is not average, he’s an outlier.

  14. I have had 7.0 sexual partners, all opposite sex.

    I have politely declined many opportunities – one-night stands, residential training courses etc and adulterous (even when single) copulations.

    Regarding the .7 both sexes report, are those with someone missing limbs?

  15. jgh, unless I am mistaken the median man has sex with zero people and that is what you are showing. But the average (mean) man has sex with 1 person.

    I suspect you are right though, in that the skew is highly substantial. I suspect there is a huge percentage of people who have only had sex with less than 2 (including zero) people, counterbalanced by others who have had sex with many multiples of ten. This skew is larger within the male population. The female population will have a small number of super promiscuous members, prostitutes. However, I doubt they would respond truthfully to a survey.

  16. No, the average man – the man typical of the set, the man most likely to be picked at random – has sex with zero people. The average of the amount of sex that all men has (which is not “the average man”) is 1 person.

    If you do a survey and find 99 men have had sex with two people, and one person has had sex with 1002, what’s the result of the survey? The average man has sex with two people? Or the avarage amount of sex that all men have is with 12 people?

    This is the problem the meeja have, they can’t understand the difference between “the average X” which is the mode, the example typical of the whole set, and “the average of all X”, which is the mean, the total of all the set divided by the size of the set.

    It’s like the nonsense about “the average age of first sex is 14”. If that’s true, where are the 7-year-olds having sex to balance the 21-year-olds? Digging deeper, that actual statistic is “we’ve found at least one 14-year-old who’s had sex”. In other words, the minima of the range.

  17. Jgh, your first sentence is a description of the median. Not sure about your last comment about 14 year olds. That would stretch the definition of average in anybody’s book I hope.

  18. LPT- finding a 14 year old who has had sex?
    Can find a few.
    Heck, years ago there was an 11 year old prostitute nearby.

  19. I am reminded of the old joke about why Jesus wasn’t born in the West Midlands: God couldn’t find a virgin or three wise men there.

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