This could be very fun indeed

Fairphone have just released a report talking about how soon we’ll run out of various minerals and thus why we must recycle phones.

I’ve been in touch with them because, obviously, they’re simply misunderstood what is a mineral reserve. My sorta subject.

In fact, their entire report, not to say their entire strategy, is based upon this misunderstanding. So, let’s see if they’re willing to be told of their error…..because their mistake does in fact entirely kablooie their entire point.


Well, they’ve now changed their graphics and sent me to their source. Which is still wrong but less wrong, it’s wrong in its assumptions, not in its broad logic.

So, an insight into the life of a journo. There’s a lot that could be written about which on closer inspection isn’t very interesting…..

8 thoughts on “This could be very fun indeed”

  1. Tim

    I do enjoy this purely because while I would never claim to match your expertise on the topic, even a cursory look at the freely available material on ‘rare earths’ would reveal the bulk of the metals are sourced from countries like Kazakhstan, Canada, China and Australia – if these guys/ gals/ other assigned gender beings are telling me they’ve conducted detailed assessments of mineral strata in those 4 jurisdictions I’ll try and broker a peace between SMFS and Ironman. I mean they have got to be seven shades of stupid….

  2. It’s a pity they just don’t go with “easy to repair”. I know why most aren’t and it’s about reducing size but I’m one of those consumers that would prefer longer battery life and easy repair features to shaving a couple of mm off the thickness.

  3. As with most ethical and sustainable green boondongles “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

  4. “I’ll try and broker a peace between SMFS and Ironman”

    Try to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians first, VP. You will have more chance of success…

  5. Perhaps start with the catholic and protestant churches and get them to join into one church, move on to the multiple muslim types and get them to join into one Islamic faith and then go on to get Trump supporters and Hills supporters to both get behind Trump 2020 election bid.
    And get RM to teach real world stuff.
    All those would be nice small projects to get going first before tacking the big one.

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