This is vile behaviour, eh?

The former pharmaceuticals head had direct-messaged Lauren Duca, a freelance writer, on Thursday to ask her to be his “+1” to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Duca rejected the offer, tweeting an image of the exchange on Sunday with the comment: “I would rather eat my own organs”.

Shkreli took offence, calling her a “cold you know what”, and changed his profile picture on Twitter to a doctored image appearing to show him sitting with Duca on a couch.

He also made his cover photo a collage of images of Duca with the caption, “For better or worse, ‘til death do us part, I love you with every single beat of my heart”, and changed his bio to refer to his “small crush on @laurenduca (hope she doesn’t find out)“.

Duca tweeted screenshots of Shkreli’s profile to Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s founder, asking “How is this allowed”.

Shkreli accused Duca of “[disrespecting] the sovereignty of [his] love” for her. Shortly afterwards, his account – followed by nearly 200,000 people – was removed.

Whether we regard it as a prime piece of trolling or a very clumsy piece of courtship it’s hardly the sort of thing that one should be banished from the public square for, is it?

And it’s certainly not an advertisement for female journalists, is it? The earlier generation of which had more balls than any of the men they worked with. Seriously, for all the idiocies Janet Street Porter or Liz Jones have inflicted upon the nation neither of them nor any of their contemporaries would have complained about this. Ripped him into small pieces publicly perhaps, but gone running to Mummy?

Brianna Wu, a video game developer and software engineer who intends to run for the US House of Representatives in 2018, tweeted that she was glad to see Twitter suspended Shkreli.

“His bizarre obsession with respected journalist @laurenduca is creepy and wildly inappropriate. We need to move past this cultural idea that any woman with a successful career has to endure sexist abuse from strangers.”

Isn’t that the bird from Gamergate?

Jeez, snowflakes

23 thoughts on “This is vile behaviour, eh?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Wu is not a bird. He is a seriously deluded and dangerous nut case.

    But I like the way Twitter allows people who never really grew out of High School continue to behave like children. He asks, you say no graciously. She says no, you shut the f**k up and walk away.

  2. Big time business man either has time to play silly buggers or he is dumb enough to try this dumb routine of desire on a proggie bitch. So –if sincere–he can’t even distinguish between appearance ( presumably she is a looker for the entire caper to have kicked off in the first place) and content –how the Hell can he function in the business world?

    How do you get to such a position in life with such mentation? Do they give big jobs away with boxtops?

    As SMFS says a graceless bitch. She could just have said “No thank you”.

    Twitter is in trouble already and its support for prog scum will hopefully be the death of it soon enough.

  3. Brianna Wu offends me, invades my ‘safe space’ that protects me from being offended. I therefore believe he should have all his profiles removed from all social media before he has the chance to run for Congress, thus protecting the safe spaces of all voters who think like me.

    There you go Brianna Wu, democracy saved by employing your methis!

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “There you go Brianna Wu, democracy saved by employing your methis!”

    And these differ from your methods how precisely?

  5. I believe, based on current internet memes, that it was intentional trolling, and quite masterful given the ludicrous reaction.

  6. It is fairly unpleasant behaviour. That’s indisputable.

    Twitter’s reaction is awkward. What Twitter needs is degrees of punishment: right now it’s either an outright ban or nothing. Punished users could be limited to only writing one tweet per day; or restricted to only 40 characters; or no re-tweets allowed; for a defined sentence duration. Alongside that, they need a clear rulebook: preferably as short as the Ten Commandments; certainly no longer than the Highway Code.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Which way round is cause and effect – does being on twitter make you infantile or does it attract infantile people?

    (OK, I know this is only a subset and twitter has some good stuff on it, or so I am led to believe)

  8. Presumably this spat between narcissistic non-entities has been splashed over the MSM as if it is real news and the MSM wonders why no one is buying it anymore.

    Twitter is not the public square, it is a private garden and you abide by the hosts arbitrary rules or you get asked/told to leave.

    Shkreli the Scrote was never followed by nearly 200,000 people, 200,000 accounts maybe but a large number of those are bots (more than Twitter will ever admit, same as FB).

  9. I have to say this is yet another reason to avoid twitter by demonstrating that it is full of twits (but in this case not so many twats)

  10. But she didn’t go running to Mummy – she went running to Daddy (Jack).
    And there we have the nub; when the going gets tough, the Strong Independent Women(tm) show how strong they are by running to men to fix their problems.

  11. “Whether we regard it as a prime piece of trolling or a very clumsy piece of courtship”

    It’s trolling – Skhreli is a master.

    “Isn’t that the bird from Gamergate?”

    It is, or isn’t to be exact. ‘Brianna Wu’ is a man though he pretends to be female.

  12. He’s been banned from the public square? How? No one is stopping him from publishing his views on his own bandwidth

  13. Many years ago, I asked a witty young lady out by telephone, and she said she needed to consult her diary. That evening, I received an elegant handwritten note thanking me for the invitation but very politely declining it. Underneath, she wrote: “PS Now fuck off x”, which made me laugh. We remained on good terms for some years.

  14. So Much For Subtlety

    Ironman – “You’re too good at making me feel superior!”

    I guess you need to find your kicks where you can.

  15. He seems quite unpleasant. She seems very unpleasant. Both are professional click-baiters

    They defiantly should get it on.

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