Tsk, there’s a right way to do these headlines

Kashmir remains cut off from rest of the country due to heavy snowfall
Srinagar received two cm of snow during the last 24 hours and the mercury settled at the low of minus 0.8 degree Celsius, an official of the Meteorological Department said.

The right way being:

Snow in Srinagar – India Isolated.

Come along folks, there are certain standard headline jokes which must be used whenever possible.

7 thoughts on “Tsk, there’s a right way to do these headlines”

  1. I always wanted to holiday on a houseboat in Srinigar and to visit the surrounding areas. Another dream destination that is too risky to contemplate now due to the bearded wailing nutter brigade.

  2. BraveFart

    Agreed. I am told that Kashmir can lay a good claim to being the most beautiful place on Earth and I have long wanted to go. Of course Islamist fanatics would see it as their duty take it too dangerous for real people to visit.

  3. > the only all weather road link between Kashmir and rest of the country

    This seems like a terrible strategic weakness. India should take a leaf out of China’s book and build several new roads to boost commercial connections with Kashmir.

  4. Snow in Srinagar – India Isolated.

    If you’re going to mock apocryphal newspaper headlines from the 1930’s, do try and get it right Timmy.

    It would have to read:

    Snow in Srinagar – India Cut Off

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