Well, yes, suppose this is true really

Last night while you were sleeping, the Senate debated and ultimately passed a budget resolution that provides a pathway for Republicans to strip health care coverage away from 30 million Americans without having a single Democratic vote.
As the Senate debated the resolution that provides a blueprint to repeal the Affordable Care Act,

Given that it was originally passed without a single Republican vote that all seems fair enough, doesn’t it?

11 thoughts on “Well, yes, suppose this is true really”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Now we are going to have to put up with the mainstream media – Democrat operatives without the name – running poor little dears who have got cancer (and wide screen TVs) but can’t afford their meds. 24/7.

  2. SMFS,

    Yup. But it’s not going to work like it once did.

    The irony of the “fake news” thing is that the MSM is full of it. OK, maybe not directly lies, but things like lying by omission. And there’s now an army of people out there writing Medium posts, or tweets or pointing at facts and demolishing all of it.

    The media has no idea what’s going on, because none of this activity is Other Big Media. It’s the Guido Fawkeses, the Timmys, the guys looking at Swift boat documents that know about fonts. Little platoon journalism, one might call it. And it’s undermining their nonsense.

  3. ‘Last night while you were sleeping’

    Would you feel better little girl if they had passed it in the afternoon?

  4. I’m hoping that the Left are not going to like the rigorous application of the Goose-Gander rule. Every time they infringe it, they lose yet another sliver of credibility.

  5. Oh, and funny that the left doesn’t care one jot about those who ended up losing coverage *because* Obamacare took their old plan away and the new one was so expensive they opted to pay the fine…sorry I mean tax…

  6. First off, it’s not 30 million, but maybe 10 million.

    And most of those only get health insurance, not health care. Good luck finding doctors who will take Obamacare.

  7. “And most of those only get health insurance, not health care. Good luck finding doctors who will take Obamacare.”

    Such is the twisting of language that many lefty US-ians use “health care” to mean “health insurance”.

    my lefty US sister-in-law asked me if “you have healthcare here”? To which I replied, “Yes, we have doctors and nurses and hospitals and stuff”.

  8. My son had Obamacare for a year, then dropped it. He says it was useless.

    So Libtard crying that 30 million will lose their health care coverage is ignorant noise.

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