What fun this is

So, piece at Vox.com about how Trump is eating fast food. When in the past he’s been very strong on refined and healthy food. The reveal of this is of course just that that’s what politicians on the stump do. Of course, there are occasional mishaps like Miliboy being outfought by a bacon sandwich, but basically they chow down on anything and everything, the more local and disgusting it is the better. There wasn’t a piece of offal safe in the entire country when Chirac went campaigning.

OK, super and all entirely true. And the end of the piece:

Considering Trump’s campaign is imploding for a variety of reasons — as diverse as his bragging about sexual assault and soft spot for strongmen who use chemical weapons on their own people — fast food isn’t likely to save him.

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  1. “There wasn’t a piece of offal safe in the entire country when Chirac went campaigning.” And a watermelon for ecstasy.

  2. Anyway this piece was lifted from his book ‘how to be a billionaire’ Donald hasn’t wrote ;how to become president of the usa’ yet. jeez give him some time wilya?

  3. Real Social Dynamics has a youtube video about a percieved ‘winner’ and also ran used the same lines in a club.
    The percieved cool guy (Trump perhaps) could say anything as lewd as he liked and got the girls, the other (the rest of us?) got told that was not cool and not funny in very unamused tones.

    The world is a different place to some people in more ways than seem credible

  4. “voters who oppose mass migration but enjoy eating chicken curry are hypocrites”
    Anna Soubry whilst in a horizontal fug of her own making, throws her hat in the ring with this foodie gem.
    Who outside parliament would actually employ someone like this ?

  5. Three takeaways:

    First: Julia Belluz obviously wrote this piece months ago and Vox never got around to using it during the actual campaign.

    Second: Vox has no editors.

    Third: On January 20, 2017, Vox had space to fill and nothing to fill it with. Probably because the staff was out marching near Matt Yglesias’ Georgetown brownstone to protest something or other about Donald Trump.


  6. “voters who oppose mass migration but enjoy eating chicken curry are hypocrites”

    Stupid beyond the bounds of stupidity. Somehow she is a Conservative MP; I have no idea why. She is a living refutation of the assertion that MPs should be paid the same as executives in industry, because they could get equally well paid jobs there.

  7. “Stupid beyond the bounds of stupidity”

    Yes, the upper levels of stupid require a decent IQ.

    I’m sure there should be word for this, it’s becoming awfully common. Regular stupid is being driven out of business, or out of the news anyway.

  8. I expected to see a ‘this article was originally posted 22SEP2016′ notice at the top.

    But I doubt anyone at Vox is older than 26 and things like *checking earlier submissions for irrelevancy before posting them as late filler’ is something they don’t teach in journalism school anymore.

  9. > As he wrote in the 2004 book … Breakfast might consist of an egg white omelette with spinach

    How to reconcile that Trump with the one who eats McDonalds? Simple: he didn’t write the book himself. Some publisher had a diet-fad-of-the-month manuscript lying around, and they needed a celebrity endorsement to get it published. We already know that Trump likes putting his name to things he hasn’t done. This is the simplest explanation.

    Trump’s Twitter feed is great for finding out what he actually thinks, not just what other people say he thinks.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    “See Oor Bad Penny has just described herself, in a Trumpaggedon piece, as “an honest journalist”?”

    See, Ecksy, I told you she had a sense of humour.

  11. Was it Chirac who got caught doing the Ortolan thing?

    Now I’ll eat almost anything, but that is just disgusting.

  12. I’m convinced that there are a number of “traditional delicacies” that have been invented (or revived from times of starvation) merely so the locals can laugh at the stupid tourists. And in the case of certain Chinese delicacies (at least some of which really are delicacies, not just “delicacies”), to extract insane amounts of money from them.

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