£15 a pound for steak is cheap is it?

Morrisons The Best 21 Day Matured British Beef Chateaubriand steak (450g) will be available pre-packed from Morrisons Market Street butcher shelves UK-wide at £15 from Thursday 9th February in time for Valentine’s Day.

Dunno, maybe I’ve just been out of England too long…..

28 thoughts on “£15 a pound for steak is cheap is it?”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Prices are relative. Perhaps I am not keeping up but I would have thought a £15 steak was not uncommon in the UK. Just not at Morrisons. If it was Fortnum & Mason would anyone be surprised? But Morrisons? Does anyone up North have a spare £15?

    In other news, Putin’s Russia just gets weirder and weirder:

    A Russian newspaper has claimed victims of domestic abuse should be ‘proud of their bruises’.

    A column in Komsomolskaya Pravda, one of the country’s most popular papers, has said that women should ‘find solace’ in the fact that women who suffer domestic violence are more likely to give birth to boys.

    Komsomolskaya Pravda? That is not the Komsomols I remember. Nor the Pravda.

  2. “450g so enough for two”
    Two what? Chihuahuas?

    What’s this about steak for Valentines Day, anyway? It’s shellfish does the trick.

  3. It’s chateaubriand. The best bit of the filet.

    M&S are charging around £25/lb for it, so yeah, bit of a bargain. If you want chateaubriand.

  4. Steak has not been cheap in the UK for decades, and it’s not getting any cheaper. I only buy it if it’s on special.

    Aren’t we lucky we’ve spent so long in the EU?

  5. Its a very nice piece of meat. You can get cheaper steak of course – Morrisons like all the supermarkets covers a range of produce in the steak category. This is not too bad price wise.

    Have seen it higher and seen it lower. If you simply want steak it is considerably cheaper. If you want decent quality lovely tasting steak then buy this one.
    I’m tempted to see if I can get one this weekend for Sunday dinner.

  6. Supermarket – for meat?

    I get steak, and almost all meat, from my local butcher or another of the many nearby, fish from one of the local fishmongers, fruit and veg from one of the many local greengrocer’s.

  7. Like BraveFart I’m fortunate (and discerning enough) to be able to buy meat from one of our local butchers or direct from producers. The last time I acquired a piece of fillet for Chateaubriand it cost north of £40. Admittedly this was for four people and slightly larger than the Morrisons example.

  8. Bravefart – yes local butchers are nice enough. There’s one in my village whereas Morrisons is next village over.
    A pound of that steak won’t be that cheap for the same type at my local butchers. He’s great for cheap bits of meat and for marinaded stuff but for pricey meat he’s usually a few quid more expensive than the supermarket.

  9. Witchie

    I think you’ll find it’s a dog, not a horse.

    ‘A woman, a dog and a walnut tree,
    the more you beat them,
    they better they be’.

    £15 is not too expensive considering it’s the most expensive cut of beef. Add to that that it’s 21 days aged and would therefore have lost up to half its weight compared to a standard 7 day aged steak.

  10. The version I know runs:

    A woman, a dog and a walnut tree;
    The more you beat then, the better they be.

  11. Guys, it’s a horse. Beat a dog, and it gets cowed, not more obedient. Bill Sykes could tell ya. The horse vice versa. The dog already knows who its master is, the horse needs to find out.

    The walnut tree (apparently) fruits better the following year if you throw sticks at it to bring down the nuts (!!!), and this encourages the sort of growth that nuts grow on the following year. Is it true? Who knows. Maybe someone with a walnut tree in their garden. It is, after all, an old country rhyme.

    As for beating the woman, well you take a chance. You could wake up in the morning with no nuts. More likely, she’ll take the house, the kids, the car, and a chunk of your pension!

    Things were different when the rhyme was composed.

    PS. If you think I’m bothered by whether or not it’s a dog or a horse, you missed the point. It’s still a fucking horse!

    PPS. If you want pickled walnuts, you have to bring them down before the shell has hardened even slightly. Prick them all over, and rub salt in. They go black very quickly. Mind your hands – walnut juice stains. Dowse them in boiling water to kill off most of the bugs, then get under vinegar pretty damn quick – I like some dried chillies and peppercorns in with mine, but it’s a matter of taste. Great with Stilton come Christmas …

  12. Can’t help thinking that if I was a MRW shareholder I’d be pleased with what the new management are doing. Supermarkets can’t shift more Calories because we’re consuming less but they can sell more high value. Having the Union flag on it helps too.

  13. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Lomito, which is basically thick end of fillet, is £25 a kilo here. It used to be so cheap and now I barely touch it. It’s still cheaper than the UK, but not by much.

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