A message from a reader by email

You and other Libertarians have made racist statements against labor, women, minorities, labor unions, which is by far the most Nazi behavior ever recorded in human history.

Hmm, yes. The historical knowledge is strong with this one.

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  1. Meanwhile on TRUK the Trump administration is being declared as proof of the rise of Fascism in the US. And UK too. Because May supports Trump just like the British establishment supported Hitler. Or something.

    So it looks like you have competition, Tim, in being more Nazi than even the Nazis were.

  2. Time for Mr Ecks to remove the educational establishment responsible for educating generation snowflake. My daughter learned about the glories and transformations of industrialisation when her year six class was shipped off to a restored mill on Dartmoor, to dress as toffs and workers and to pretend to be the small child in imminent danger of being maimed by the machinery who fixed bobbins. Despite being educated in the West Country she remains entirely ignorant of Isambard Brunel, canal building to transport coal, the cutting of which laid bare geological strata leading to modern geology and the disassembly of genesis by Darwin and……I must ask her what similar charades taught WW2.

  3. As the numbers of these Marxian cunts emerging from the woodwork show the emailing idiot isn’t funny. The impenetrable stupidity and mindless brainwashing of these morons makes them a real danger, even tho’ they are a tiny minority. Because they are the kind of scum that already infest the West’s institutions. And those already there will help the new, even worse generation of evil middle-class Marxist morons into those institutions. Morons who are already brazenly declaring their contempt for freedom and democracy.

    We must get after these bastards and quick. Or I fear the age of socialist tyranny and mass murder is far from being over.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I dispute that the person is a reader. He/she may come along and look at the words but they don’t read them and think about they mean.

  5. It’s possible you’re being trolled. Harry Hutton could pull off that prose (“Chase me, ladies”, for the uninitiated. His prank letters to Gary Wossname of The Sun were masterly).

  6. Unless its a deliberate misspelling, the use of the phrase “labor unions” suggests a Democrat loony from across the Pond.

    And “most Nazi-like behaviour” is better than “most Nazi behaviour” which suggests quantity of behaviour, and suggesting that Tim has carried out more Nazi acts than the Wehrmacht and the SS is stretching things a bit.

    Anyway, thank God he missed the gender alphabet soup from this list. Dodged a bullet there.

  7. FFS!

    If you’re going to troll someone you invent an online pseudonym and go onto their blog. You don’t send them an email for God’s sake.

  8. Equanimity would be helpful here. The left are squeezing the Hitler theme until the pips squeek. By 2019 they will have exhausted this – their final – argument.

  9. “The left are squeezing the Hitler theme until the pips squeek. By 2019 they will have exhausted this – their final – argument.”

    Yup, where do they go after this? Stalin? Mao?

    Maybe not…………….

  10. Tim W

    Publish the full email revealing the septic’s identity.

    Then we can flood his inbox with the National Socialist Democrat Nazis burning buildings, attacking police & Berkley Uni students to stop Milo debating and other examples of left’s Nazi behaviour.


  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Yup, where do they go after this? Stalin? Mao?

    Maybe not…………….”

    The cognitive dissonance is so strong in snowflakes that it wouldn’t come as a surprise if they tried.

    It has crossed my mind on more than a few occasions recently that the grand parents of these snowflakes are likely to have been demonstrating outside the US embassies in London and Paris in the late ’60s chanting “Mao, Mao, Mao Tse Dung”.

  12. SE: I suspect that Swindon was an OK place in IKB’s time. The demise of GWR as such probably led eventually to it’s current pit-of-hell state.

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