Aaaah, so this is how it’s going to work

Russia has begun an internet offensive using false news and email hacking against Emmanuel Macron, the new favourite for the French presidency, his campaign chief said yesterday.

Richard Ferrand, manager of En Marche (On the move), the movement set up by the centrist Mr Macron, appealed to the government to defend him against “the interference of a foreign power in our democratic life”.

Any nasty stories about righty folks like Fillon are real and true and fuck off out of public life. Any nasty stories about lefty folk are fake news and Russians and hacking and IGNORE IT!

18 thoughts on “Aaaah, so this is how it’s going to work”

  1. Off topic but what the fuck is it with the BBC’s obsession with Donald Trump? Sure the resignation of whoever he was should be reported, but the LEAD story? On their website, on their news broadcasts. FFS it’s a foreign country. There are lots of foreign countries and ministers are probably resigning all over the world. Or being arrested and shot by despots.

    Is what’s happening in the US really the most important thing to the average UK resident?

    Is there nothing happening in the UK?

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It really does beggar belief that the Frogs are about to elect another socialist after the catastrophe that was Hollande, but then they’ve been blessed with an utter array of shitbags in their rulers since roughly the time of Charles VI. Fuck ’em.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    As we all know it is vitally important to break down barriers, especially the glass ceiling holding women back. Not so much for this candidate, whether or not she is a good one, but for all women – and all girls. So they can dream one day of being President. Of France.

    So regardless of what the Russians do or do not do, there is only one reason to vote for Macron – and that is misogyny. Every right thinking person will vote for Le Pen

  4. Fake news my arse. Some of the stories about some of the politicians are not fake news, just dirt being flung about for the sake of it. What is interesting about this election is the complete abandonment of the old French saw of keeping the private out of the political sphere.

  5. “Aaaah, so this is how it’s going to work”

    Er… hasn’t that been obvious since the moment the term was invented?

  6. Is Macron the “New Favourite” and if he is, it would be helpful to know precisely whose new favourite he is.

    It would be quite surprising if there wasn’t a sizeable groundswell of “shy” FN support which will only reveal itself at the ballot.

  7. Macron is just doing it by the book. He has taken all the American psephological techniques – basics like A/B testing, online voter targeting, dog-whistling – and applied them in France. Fillon and Hamon won’t know what’s hit them. Under the French system we’ll end up with a Macron / Le Pen run-off, and she’s highly unlikely to win that (remember 2002, when Jacques Chirac crushed JM Le Pen by 82% to 18%).

    Besides, isn’t Macron being funded by Soros? His candidate nearly always wins.

  8. “Macron is just doing it by the book. He has taken all the American psephological techniques – basics like A/B testing, online voter targeting, dog-whistling – and applied them in France.”

    So now he’s for all the things he was against, six months ago. And against all the things he was for. And the electorate will suspect he’ll be reversing again if he’s elected.
    Marine’s still for all the things she’s been for, since she took over the FN. Ditto againsts.

  9. Andrew C

    Trump Derangement Syndrome. The beeboids, like many others, have convinced themselves that Trump is a fascist threat to western civilisation. Never mind North Korea, Russia China…it’s Trump that we should all be worrying about!

  10. The Russians are spreading the Fake News that Jezza Corvid is an utter tosser.

    Somefink oughta be dun abaht it.

  11. Le Pen is extremely unlikely to win – no poll has shown anything like enough support to carry her over the 50% threshold in the second round, even with a hefty dose of “shy” FN supporters. Whoever makes it into the second round with Le Pen collects the mainstream vote. Which is why remarkably the crazy Benoit “UBI” Hamon is on 20-1 rather than the 100-1 that any rational view of his abilities would put him on. Fillon might yet squeak back in – the socialists are pretty hideous.

  12. Among my contacts, the Fillon dirtbagging has had substantial effect, and emotion has indeed swung towards Macron.

    Who, of course, still hasn’t published his ‘platform’ in the entirety as generally expected in a French presidential; one hates to suspect him of waiting to see what plays best…

  13. Dirtbagging.

    I hope when I steal millions and I get caught that anyone who mentions it will be accused of dirtbagging. He should be locked up.

  14. Chester

    Not clear that Fillon ‘stole millions’. He practiced traditional French/Euro nepotism and his lady wife pocketed about $45K per year for many years. Assuming she did almost anything at all for him, it really ain’t much. And lost in the noise of the rest of the French state honesty…

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