As Trump’s White House implodes, congressional Republicans must confront a dilemma: Their country or their agenda

How long’s he been in office? 3 weeks?

Might Ms. Digby Parton be jumping the gun a bit?

24 thoughts on “Already?”

  1. Heather Parton has never been known for sober reasoning, which is why she’s writing for Salon in the first place. Simply another variation on the Left’s “The Russians are coming” meme that failed to topple Trump in December.

    Political pornography for those too unstable or immature to accept reality as it is.

  2. I thought Moby destroyed Trump yesterday.

    I think we are in for months of the daily destruction of Trump. The legacy press will declare his administration freshly deceased every day.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    The relentlessness of these people shouldn’t be underestimated, though. Trump needs to root them out of government and destroy the Soros-funded agitators, otherwise they’ll grind him down.

  4. Gamecock

    I think we are in for months of the daily destruction of Trump. The legacy press will declare his administration freshly deceased every day.

    We can hope – but I don’t think the snowflakes would be able to handle that level of “daily reincarnation”. It would surely be too much?

  5. congressional Republicans must confront a dilemma: Their country or their agenda

    No dilemma for the Democrats, they chose long ago.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    The media has turned into an unwitting parody of The Morning Star or An Phoblacht circa 1984.

    Just substitute “Trump” with “Thatcher” or “Reagan” and you’re instantly transported back to the days of deely boppers and Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Gyles Brandreth oozing raw sex appeal from the TV-am couch.

  7. Trump Derangement Syndrome

    …meaning the world’s liberal-dominated media focus relentlessly and obsessively on every potentially negative detail of Trump’s Presidency!

    The BBC, in thrall to TDS, runs the tiny details of US politics as headline news – as though they had nothing better to report. The message (or their ‘narrative’, if you prefer) is quite clear: they hope that Trump’s Presidency will quickly implode
    Then the world will once again be safe for liberal-left elitism.

  8. Narrative. And they´ll still be pushing the same narrative when the collapsing Trump presidency´s returned with a landslide majority in ´20

  9. Either Trump will crash ‘n’ burn with 18 months, or he’ll prove to be one of the most popular Presidents ever. Mediocrity is not Trump.

    That said, I am hopeless when it comes to making predictions. Every electoral outcome I have predicted — here or elsewhere — has been wrong.

  10. Early days yet and by and large Trump is doing what he needs to do with his team finding their feet after some predictable stumbles..When all cylinders of Govt are firing I expect great things, the left will burn out.

  11. @The Inimitable Steve, February 15, 2017 at 4:02 pm


    The MSM “back to the 1980s” started with Cameron’s “win” in 2010. Then ramped up in 2015 & 2016. Now CoE’s Welby is inferring (preaching?) Brexit & Trump are fascist.

    Coming soon: harpies camped outside UK USAF bases.

  12. Maybe the wimmin of the USA will set up a Trump camp where they will feed babies from their mud-caked dugs while singing inspirational wimmin songs. They will hold up signs affirming Democrat values, such as “Drop bombs not balls”,or “Vulvas against anti-terrorism”. The imagination roams freely.

  13. So Much For Subtlety

    The Left is reverting to the mental world of primitive man. They think by saying it they can make it happen.

  14. The Inimitable Steve

    Pcar – Bloody hell, that’s spot on. Come to think of it, 2010 was when Labour thought it’d be a jolly good idea to portray Dave sitting on an Audi Quattro a la fictional detective Gene Hunt and the slogan DON’T LET HIM TAKE BRITAIN BACK TO THE 80’s.

    It was an astonishingly tone deaf ad, even for the prissy metropolitan manlets at Labour. For not only do normal blokes and blokettes like tough, no-nonsense TV coppers who slap baddies but have a heart of gold, but by 2010 80’s nostalgia was in full swing and the idea of going back to the days of 50p a pint, Frankie saying relax and Morrissey prancing about with a bunch of flowers sticking out his arse was pretty appealling even to poor unfortunate souls too young to remember that decade.

    The 80’s MSM hated Fatch and Ronnie Raygun, but they were professional enough to at least pretend to be neutral. Everybody thinks they remember Thatcher being gotcha’ed by some daft old woman over the peace-loving, innocent, puppy-petting, gun-toting fascist Argentinian invaders aboard the Belgrano, but watching that show again in 2017 is eye-opening. Not because Mrs T was asked a loaded question by some dozy cow from Cirencester who fancied herself an authority on war, but because Sue Lawley didn’t think to jump into the debate and score points like the insufferable David Dimbleby would.

    And the odd right winger even got to make programmes such as “Yes, Minister” in those ancient days. I suppose we should be thankful Brillo is still alive.

    Nowadays, with the complete takeover of mass media by pig-ignorant arts and grievance studies graduates it’s hard to tell the difference between supposedly mainstream media and angry intersectional feminist Youtube rants about defeating the patriarchal conspiracy by dyeing your muff purple.

    The creatures outside looked from the BBC to the Guardian, and from the Guardian to Tumblr, and from Tumblr to the BBC again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

  15. I have insufferable socialist nieces who constantly drone on about how Thatcher invented greed and ate striking miners’ babies and destroyed the NHS. This despite the fact that the elder of the two of them was born in 1989.

    The left have an astonishing ability to invent the sins of their opponents while airbrushing out of history the non-stop cock-ups their own side makes.

  16. Bloke in North Dorset


    It’s good fun watching reality dawn as they grow up, as most do, and if they don’t you can continue to have fun poking holes in their arguments as they tend to be easy to wind up – see Trump Derangement Syndrome

  17. @AndrewC

    You shouldn’t blame your nieces entirely – if all they know about Fatcha is from their teachers or the BBC, they’ll be bound to have come to the conclusion that she was a baby-scoffing monster.

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