Iceland turns into winter wonderland

It snows. In winter. In Iceland.

7 thoughts on “Amaaaaaazing”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It snows. In winter. In Scotland. It ain’t a winter wonderland.[1]

    The surprise is that there is anything worth doing in Iceland in the winter that does not involve something blonde and curvy. Even then, James Bond had to import both his hot chicks.

    Isn’t there an RAF song about being stuck in Falkirk during WW2?

    [1] Actually that is not fair. I have very fond memories of Edinburgh in the winter. Aberdeen, less so.

  2. It snows a lot less than you might imagine in Iceland, especially on the Southern coastal areas where most people live. You don’t normally get storms which dump a few feet of snow as in, say, New England. It’s also not as cold as you might expect, given that it’s on the same latitude as North Canada/Alaska. I assume it’s something to do with the Gulf Stream.

  3. 75° in Gamecockland today. Golf this morning, ride the moto this afternoon.

    From the looks of Timmer’s clothes, probably nice in Bangladesh today, too. Retirement dollars probably go a long way there.

  4. It’ll be due to global warming, mark my words.

    And SMFS, it wasn’t an RAF song, it was a joke that went the rounds during the Falkands war: “Did you hear about the Irish SAS? They landed in Falkirk!” Boom Boom.

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