Appropriate really

The Star-Spangled Banner looked more starry than usual during one of US Vice President Mike Pence’s appearances in Brussels.

A background picture of the American flag that went up alongside the European Union flag as Mr Pence and EU leader Donald Tusk spoke on Monday had 51 stars instead of the usual 50, one for each state.

We are joining them after we bugger off, aren’t we?

But what’s actually amusing about it is, well, where in buggery do you get one with the extra star anyway?

19 thoughts on “Appropriate really”

  1. Unlikely, but maybe it is a subtle dig at us becoming that 51st state.

    Or a subtle dig at the US by using a slightly wrong flag.

    I think the Puerto Rico origin explanation is the most likely though. Sloppy work.

  2. It’s worth comparing that EU rendition with the genuine article. It’s a fine symbol for the EU. The insistence on doing it in a uniquely “European” way & thus making a complete balls up of it.

  3. And in passing. The flag cost of Brexit. The buggers are going to have to change every bloody flag & symbol in Europe aren’t they? Or shoo in some small European nation to make up the numbers.
    Depending how various member’s elections go this year & Greece, maybe they should opt for a combination of those sticky backed felt stars & fridge magnets.

  4. You’re quite correct BiND. Shows how effective the EU flag is. I must see it couple thousand times a day & I’ve always presumed it was a star per victim. It’s just something clutters up the environment with less significance than a no-parking sign.

  5. The US state department makes a few sample flag designs for putative additional states so people know what the correct design would be in advance. Somebody got one from the ‘samples’ cupboard instead of the ‘for current use’ cupboard.

  6. Perhaps Donald Trump will make the UK an offer. Have a trade deal or become the fifty first state.

    Though I would prefer it if we split the UK into 4 and became the 51, 52, 53 and 54 states. That would maximise the number of senators we would get.

    Best not talk about it too much. Donald might get wind of it and start to tweet away about it and it could become official US foreign policy.

  7. Just give your vexillographer a few extra pots of coffee before letting them work.

    Where do you get one? Same place you get everything else. China.

    “Everything is made in China except babies; those are made in vaChina.”
    — Voltaire

  8. The EU Flag also predates the EU. It belongs to the Council of Europe, of which Britain will remain a member.
    The colour is from the Virgin Mary’s robe; she is Queen of Europe. The stars are 12, as mentioned in Revelation. The USA flag is simple in contrast.

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