Bloody well right, got to keep an eye on the pinkoes!

Journalists from the BBC, Reuters and New York Times were among those spied on by the German foreign intelligence service, according to reports.

Surveillance was allegedly carried out by the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) on at least 50 reporters since 1999.

Respected German magazine Der Spiegel reported the findings after obtaining BND documents listing journalists’ emails, faxes and telephone numbers.

The document reportedly showed more than a dozen BBC journalists were being monitored via numbers at the organisation’s London headquarters and in Afghanistan.

What the hell do you think it is that spies do all day?

Find subversives of course, and where are you more likely to find them than among the pinko media liberal types?

Well, except among certain dodgy metals traders of course.

13 thoughts on “Bloody well right, got to keep an eye on the pinkoes!”

  1. And there I was, being told all the time by the Ecks and SMFS of this world, that the governments the spies worked for are completely on message with the entire pinko liberal (leftpondian meaning) refugee-loving, muslim-loving totally left-biased media machine.

    Why would they be spying on them? Far more likely to be spying on blogging metal traders with liberal (rightpondian meaning) leanings.

  2. Ah, but we already know they spy on me. I’ve talked to them….well, at least we know they used to. Very polite, even made and appointment and bought the beer.

  3. Given that journalism is an old and well used cover for spies, it’s not really surprising.

    “Chancellor Angela Merkel was spied on by the NSA several years ago and was called as a witness to the inquiry earlier this month.”

    Again, not surprising given that she was quite a senior figure in the East German Communist Youth Movement.

  4. That can only be the explanation, Ecksy. Seeing as the German government has just been so unbearably right wing for the last 12 years.

    @Tim, I guess they wanted to know you weren’t slipping free samples of polonium under the counter?

  5. The Press has construed “freedom of the press” to mean they can do whatever they want to. Not a “freedom of speech” thing anymore.

  6. What is this spying? Is it what we civvies call “reading the newspaper”, or are they tapping their phones and tailing their cars too?

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    That the BBC is naive enough to think there’s such a thing as a friendly foreign Government and they spy on us isn’t a surprise.

    Presumably they wouldn’t see anything sinister in this little story:

    In the early ’80s I was serving in an Electronic Warfare regiment just outside the lovely German town of Celle. A group of used used to go 10-pin bowling on a Sunday night and we get friendly with a bunch of German soldiers from just up the road. They all spoke perfect English, including an understanding of idioms. One of them knew enough Geordie to talk to our resident Geordie.

    Obviously those squaddies were trained so highly so that they could talk to us in the pub and on the battlefield and nothing to do with the large antenna arrays at their camp.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Germany – “And there I was, being told all the time by the Ecks and SMFS of this world”

    I bet you weren’t. But then you make up a lot of sh!t.

    “Why would they be spying on them? Far more likely to be spying on blogging metal traders with liberal (rightpondian meaning) leanings.”

    I can think of two reasons. One is that eventually every politician is going to say to their intelligence services “Who is leaking? I want to know” and they will need answers. It may be illegal, or not, but they will still want to know. The other is that spying on the BBC is a lot more fun and rewarding than spying on Islamists. Especially if you are on the Left. The Islamists involve a lot of confrontation with your deeply held beliefs – that Muslims are nice people for instance. It just involves confrontation in general – people yell at you and call you a racist. Better to pretend that they don’t exist. The same reason the police are happier to enforce the law against middle class White people than against Black yardies.

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