Didn’t see it, was on a plane, but

Phew, eh?

12 thoughts on “Didn’t see it, was on a plane, but”

  1. I was shattered at the end, rarely was I sitting back, mainly on the edge of my seat with tensed muscles.

    Wales played very well, turned over a lot of possession (not always as legally as the frog ref seemed to think) and exerted a lot of pressure. English defence was immense, and apparently they enjoyed it as we kept giving the ball back to the Taffs to try again.

    We made too many handling errors when going forward but stepped up when we needed to. Our subs came on and helped the cause again, they took their best players off without the necessary replacement quality.

  2. The BBC report noted that the defending champions have yet to score a bonus point. All credit to the French and Welsh, they already have one, and the Irish have two. But who expects to win a four try bonus point against anyone but Italy, and the Welsh couldn’t manage that? I’ll be happy just taking the three Grand Slam bonus points (designed to ensure the second place team can’t overhaul a Grand Slam team via bonus points).

  3. Enthralling game: congratulations to both sides.

    Poor captaincy by Wales for not attempting to pot simple penalties in the first half. Dreadful clearing kick at the end cost them the game. The counter-attack from that kick was breathtakingly precise. Well done Ford, Farrell and Daly.

    Am I alone in feeling that far too many replacements are allowed? The game would be better if tired players made more room on the pitch for running attacks.

  4. “Dreadful clearing kick at the end cost them the game.”

    Wales are ahead with but a few minutes left. Kick to touch, reorganise, run the clock. Yep.

    “Just about deserved.”

    My viewing angle was slightly different. Wales played well enough to win, they’ll be annoyed with themselves. Great England defence; and just more clinical.

    Excellent game too.

  5. All good comments.

    Prematch discussion all about a tight game. So decisions to go for 5 uncertain points vs 1/2p certain 3 seemed mad to me.

    Welsh kick at end a candidate for worst clearance ever. England could have had no excuse if ball found touch.

    Wales try a thing of beauty, constructed as artfully as a Swiss watch.

  6. From a Southern Hemisphere perspective these games are all pretty much yawn fests; to go 2 rounds in and only have one team with a try bonus point really makes me worried that these new rules are going to totally ruin the game.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Dreadful clearing kick at the end cost them the game. ”

    Sinkler was closing down kickers options and if head tried to go for touch he was in danger of being charged down so he didn’t have much choice. Smart piece of play by Sinkler, the sort of work on a rugby pitch that often goes unmentioned.

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