Doesn’t this just dish Colin Hines’ ideas?

I noted the FT reporting in an email last night that:

The US will “leapfrog” the rest of the world in the race for investment if it embraces contentious tax reforms stripping away advantages held by other countries, a top Republican congressman predicted as he battled scepticism about the plans. Kevin Brady told the FT that his proposal for an import tax was essential to putting the US on an equal footing, or ahead of, its peers. He added that he was on track to push through the plan this year.

Economic suicide notes were in fashion both sides of the pond yesterday.

Progressive protectionism is an economic suicide note now.

8 thoughts on “Doesn’t this just dish Colin Hines’ ideas?”

  1. And elsewhere on his fatuous blog, he opines:

    In summary, more than 400 MPs voted last night for three things.
    The first was the shortest economic suicide note in our history.
    The second was the suicide note for our parliamentary democracy.
    The third was a suicide note for the UK: I simply cannot see it surviving this.

    The lack of proportion and rationality in that shrieking utterance is very adolescent. Reminds me of Laurie Penny.

  2. So you are advocating import taxes now?

    Amazing what happens when a fascist in libertarian clothing gets elected.

  3. BiG

    No, I think Timmy was pointing out Ritchie flip-flopping on an issue – yet again. I didn’t twig at first either, but “progressive” got me there in the end.

  4. BiG

    I would refer you the Worstall post “The inernatonal Economist’. Murphy takes this se line of protectionism when Trump practices it: it’s economic suicide; and then sermonises on “protecting industries” and “jobs” when it is suggested external EU barriers should be dropped.

    Now I respect you far more than I do some others kn this blog, buy I feel I need to throw the question back on to you for once: where do you stand on protections? Or put another way: you live in Frankfurt; do you drink hot chocolate? You know, that stuff that doesn’t grow in Europe but, mysteriously, German companies find more cost-efficient to process domestically.

  5. The whole “the UK is doomed” thing is very odd. The last polling data I saw had more IndyRef yes voters changing their mind in the wake of the Brexit vote than no voters and there was kwss than 30% support for holding IndyRef2. Over at David Thompson’s blog there is a catchphrase “Lefties project” – I can’t help thinking that people who don’t want to be in a UK that isn’t part of the EU are projecting that attitude onto the Scots despite there being no evidence to support it.

  6. ‘“The second was the suicide note for our parliamentary democracy.”



    Makes perfect sense. Instead of doing their duty to do what’s right despite the demands of the mob as expressed in the brexit vote, they’re giving in to the mob, which means that the UK is now ruled by the mob rather than by parliament. Hence the end of parliamentary democracy.

    Now suppose the brexit vote went the other way and parliament voted the same way they did yesterday, overriding the mob, would Ritchie be celebrating the triumph of parliamentary democracy?

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