Ha, great headline

Warren Buffett’s Dealmaking Ketchup Giant Kraft Heinz Heads Abroad In The Age Of Donald Trump

So, Kraft made a bid for Unilever, so that’s what the story is about. Donald Trump these days in a headline always gets more traffic. Warren Buffett has been driving search engine traffic for as long as I’ve been on this here internet. The only wondrous buzzword that’s missing there is Apple which can’t quite be shoehorned into this story.

Nor, actually, the 100 character limit on headlines at that gig.

A masterpiece….

3 thoughts on “Ha, great headline”

  1. Oddly that story didn’t come up when I searched for “Tim Wor” on Forbes. I copied the link from here but would have missed it otherwise.

    When Buffett took over Heinz there was a lot of grumbling and lost jobs locally. Even worse is that I lost the nice DRIP setup I had with the stock. This investor lost out on some profit in the deal while friends lost their jobs. That soured my view on Buffett in that it is hard for an investor who is in for the long term to make money if that long term investment is sold when the stock is performing poorly.

    Given my experience my guess is that the $143 billion deal is also less than current Unilever investors should accept. I have no skin in the game but for those that do I advise you to take a long close look at whether you will actually benefit before you vote(assuming your shares allow you a vote) to accept any offer.

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