Hans Rosling

The essential lesson on offer being, and one without which we simply have no hope at all of deciding what to do next, that the good old days are right now. Further, that as long as we don’t mess up there is no reason why they shouldn’t keep getting better off into the future.

That is, roughly and imprecisely to be sure, with backsliding here and there, we’re on the right track with this economic development thing, with that just passed greatest reduction in absolute poverty in the history of our species.

Rosling wasn’t feted and awarded in the same manner that Paul Ehrlich, who has been wrong on every point concerning the same matter, has been but then that’s just how society seems to work. Gloom sells better than optimism.

All (all!) that Rosling did was stand up and tell us the truth about our world. A worthwhile thing to do with a life, don’t you think?

10 thoughts on “Hans Rosling”

  1. A man the lefties do not want to recognise.

    He put all their gloom to the sword. He ruined the narrative. A hero of our times and seemed to be a lovely man to boot.

    I’ll raise a glass of red to his after-life. He was special.

  2. a rare example of a person driven by data rather than pre-conceived opinions. If only Polly could be forced to watch some of his webcasts

  3. Diogenes: Iwould love to see Polly have a Damascene conversion, but she would lose her Guardian stipend PDQ so it’ll never happen.

    Very sad news about Hans, and so young. He should have had many more years to educate us.

  4. From the Karolinska Institute, interesting. These are the people who have been pushing much of the really bonkers “Public Health” crap in the past few years.

    Looks like there would have been a few intellectual tussles when he was there, not many now alas.

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