Hey, maybe Nicola will hand out a peerage?

I’ve said it before and no doubt I will say it again: he is a charming man who I like. But he is not a suitable leader for the Labour Party or the Opposition. And the result is that when watching parliament anyone can see Labour in disarray and next to it is the SNP, working together to great effect to achieve common aims that let them put their differences aside to deliver their message to great effect. If the Labour leadership had one tenth of that gumption maybe it would take a fight. But right now it’s hasn’t. And we’re all the losers as a result.

At least Widmerpool did something other than stare out the window to get his.

10 thoughts on “Hey, maybe Nicola will hand out a peerage?”

  1. Widmerpool at least had some talent.

    By the way, I recently watched the 1997 C4 dramatisation of ‘The Dance…’, and I thought Simon Russell Beale’s performance as Widmerpool was outstanding.

  2. The Inimitable Steve

    Jezza is a bumbling Frank Spencer type who would probably fuck up making a cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean the SNP’s student union drama queenery is a better option.

    There’s no future in Remoaning. That’s a political dead end, soon to be a historical curio with which to bore future high schoolers. Like the Corn Laws or the British Union of Fascists.

    Caledonian caterwauling over MAH YOOROPE! is directly proportional to how utterly stuffed is the SNP’s core reason for existing. For the Krankies have been all about “independence in Europe” for the last 25 years or so.

    It wasn’t a good plan, or even an honest slogan, but at least it was a vaguely credible-sounding option they could present with a reasonably straight face to the Scottish electorate, providing said electorate didn’t ask too many questions.

    What now for the SNP? Their plan to solve all of Scotland’s problems with this One Weird Trick is now obsolete.

    All they have left is being a more annoyingly politically correct version of Labour. Hence maximum shriekage to distract and delay the inevitable hot, sweaty nat-on-nat infighting action to come.

  3. SNP, … that let them put their differences aside
    What differences?

    Whether Englanders left in the Great Nation of Salmondonia under Alba come it inevitable re-founding should have a 90% wealth jizya, be expelled with confiscation of all their goods and chattels, or just lined up in the gutter and shot?

  4. There’s another leader who wants to bring about Murphy’s Courageous State. Here’s a description of the economic policy of one of the contenders in the French Presidential election:

    “the state will take control of the Bank of France. It will print money to repay its debtors, and pay for increased welfare and an industrial strategy”

    Sounds just like People’s QE, doesn’t it?

    Wonder why Murphy isn’t excitedly mentioning that his ideas are being put into practice?

    Would it be because it’s Marine Le Pen?

  5. It will print money to repay its debtors

    Don’t they mean “repay their creditors”? If they repay their debtors, the debtors get the money twice.

    Nice if you can get it.

  6. “the state will take control of the Bank of France.”

    So, France will be leaving the EU as well then, presumably.

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