Hmm, perhaps not quite the way it might be done

A British grandmother has bought the apartment in Portugal where Madeleine McCann vanished for half the asking price.

Kathleen Macguire-Cotton, who is in her sixties, is believed to have bought the apartment in Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve for just £113,000.

Identical properties in the Ocean Complex have been on sale for £255,000.

Mrs Macguire-Cotton revealed she is often offered money by passersby to see inside the flat, but has always declined requests out of respect.

I could imagine a pretty penny to be made from organising such “looks”.

Actually, given the publicity, a living or two could be made I would have thought.

8 thoughts on “Hmm, perhaps not quite the way it might be done”

  1. There’s a rather important comma missing in that opening paragraph. It wasn’t Madeleine McCann that went for half the asking price. Poor kid.

    Beats me why people want to look round the place, but hey. People are strange.

  2. I have never understood the demand for demolishing perfectly good properties where gruesome activities have taken place, perhaps it is the passage of time that makes all the difference.

    If it happened in 1594 then it is ok to make money from it.

    ‘The bottom of the Wakefield Tower holds an exhibition about prisoners and torture at the Tower.

    One of the best descriptions of the place where people were tortured at the Tower comes from Jesuit prisoners John Gerard;

    ‘We went to the torture room in a kind of solemn procession. The chamber was underground and dark. It was a vast place and every device and instrument of human torture was there. They pointed out some of them to me and said that I would try them all…Then they took me to a big upright pillar, one of the wooden posts which held the roof of this huge underground chamber.’

    Gerard is probably describing the basement of the White Tower and the torture he underwent was the manacles.’

  3. RA,

    Nah you pledge 100% of the profits to charity and then pay yourself such a fat salary for ‘managing’ it there’s bugger all profit made. Seems that’s how most charities are run these days.

  4. Time to start an investment company – “FriendsO’Tim, LLC”, as an ‘among friends’ vehicle to stick our money where our instincts lie.

    Can’t be worse than scandium, right?

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