How interesting

Ritchie’s just posted some of his stuff at a place with an open comments section.

So if we must have a surplus earned on student debt, then at least it should actually contribute to the exchequer and the supposed cost of paying the interest “burden” that the nation supposedly suffers under. Sell this student debt, and the margin earned goes to someone else. And the more debt that is sold, the more that is the case.

Sorta misses the basics of the capital value of a debt stock, doesn’t it?

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  1. Wonder if that article will descend into the ignominious slagging off that Murphy experienced when he made his first and last guest post on Jolyon Maugham’s site?

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    Probably, but he got 2005/6/7/9/10/11/12/13/14/ 15 & 16 wrong. Bets are being taken on 17 but their not very good.

  3. “Academic rigour, journalistic flair” is The Conversation’s strapline. It looks like a leftoid echo chamber to me. Why otherwise, would the site carry the Murphatollah’s drivel?

  4. Theo – I have followed some threads there about climate change and can only conclude that the site should be called The Nonversation. Authors are singularly unwilling to engage in conversation about the drivel they post there.

  5. He claims he made a good decision when he chose his degree course. Hasn’t he said that he didn’t learn anything useful and missed most of the economics classes because he disagreed with it?

  6. Diogenes – What I find particularly sickening is that The Conversation is funded by various public sector bodies, so the taxpayer forks out for yet more leftoid and PC propaganda.

  7. I hope more people here will comment on Spud’s dogpile on The Conversation! This is your chance to comment – candidly – without being deleted or blocked. Go for it.

  8. He posted on there before and when I asked them to correct their description of him as the founder of corbynomics based on him saying he wasn’t they basically sent me some meaningless waffle to say they couldn’t be bothered.
    Such high journalistic standards that I bet they are railing about alternative facts and fake news constantly

  9. Theophrastus,

    Rule of everything isn’t it? If you have to talk about how good you are at something (except just mentioning where you are credited by others), you probably aren’t.

  10. @ DBC Reed

    It’s about “money creation”? Richard said in the comments:

    And if you know anything at all you know deficits have been run in most years since 1694.

    But that’s a good thing – that’s how the government creates money.

    I’m not sure he’s winning through – he may need some help?

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