Important travel information

If you were to drive from Usti nad Labem to Tegel airport you just get on the motorway and stay there. It does help if you join it going north.

At some point you’ll insist that you’ve missed it. Bugger, and just how bloody big is Berlin anyway?

It’s at exactly that point on the road that the Germans start putting up the little signs saying “This Way to Tegel”.

Clever people the Huns.

2 thoughts on “Important travel information”

  1. Johannes L Pretorius

    I like the signs in Spain that say Returno. that help you do a 180 degree turn in case you missed your offramp.We could do with some here in the UK.

    Not only the Jerrys are clever.

  2. Might be more the case that the Brits are a bit daft…. I drive an extra four miles every day because I can’t leave the motor way at the junction I join at in the morning.

    Mind you, compared to Athens, our road network is a technological and planning wonder.

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