Mark their social prowess through their bowels

The usual hipsters and food faddists are soon going to face the most delightfully delicious dilemma. Quinoa has the merits of being a forgotten grain from a little regarded civilisation. The “rediscovery” of it thus brought tears to the eyes of all who would mark their social prowess through their bowels.

7 thoughts on “Mark their social prowess through their bowels”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Great phrase. But I think he is wrong. It is not the cheapness that matters. It is the lack of sweetness.

    The Left’s food preferences are like their artistic preferences. Anyone can admire a good picture. Anyone can enjoy Mozart. Anyone can enjoy sweet corn. But it takes a really advanced intellectual to enjoy the music of Schönberg or the art of Picasso or, obviously, almost any fashionable food. A class marker doesn’t mark if everyone does it. The bitter, the better.

  2. It wouldn’t take genetic modification to turn them against it, merely for it to become popular among the hoi poloi. The moment that happens they’ll ditch it.

  3. Quinoa is dreary. And I speak as one who often enjoys beans and pulses … puy lentils with duck, cannellini beans with ossubucco, butter beans with beouf an daube. All very toothsome.

  4. It’s all very well making it less bitter, but at that point every bug and slug within a hundred miles will make a beeline for it and start eating, thus requiring drenching the stuff in insecticide and other -cides to repel pests. At that point the hipsters will find a new fad.

  5. I eat quinoa unironically, because I like it. I make a pilaf of it with sautéed red onions, grated carrot and toasted almonds and it is very tasty indeed.

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