Marmite, is there nothing it cannot achieve?

History will remember the glory and romance of Lincoln City’s improbable triumph, memories fixing on the drama that has propelled a non-League club into the FA Cup quarter-finals for the first time in more than a century.

Yet the secrets underpinning this remarkable leap to immortality are rather more mundane. Theirs is a success founded upon hard work, and Marmite on toast.

14 thoughts on “Marmite, is there nothing it cannot achieve?”

  1. Funny, but I recollect Lincoln City once playing in the old Second Division and since then have had their ups and downs. They only went out of the main Leagues relatively recently when automatic relegation and promotion was introduced between the major and minor leagues. There are a few other clubs now in that category.

  2. Interesting fact. At my daughters nursery they always have a jar of marmite on the breakfast tray. I asked, and it is never touched apparently (kids dont’ like it); it is government that makes them serve it (presumably that particular brand of whatever marmite actually is, is not required)

  3. One good thing about the failure of the Unilever deal (for now at least) is that those rapacious and unprincipled cvnts at Kraft don’t get their hands on all these brands like Marmite (even though I don’t like it much personally).

    Having said that about Kraft, they do at least have enlightened personnel policies, being the only Fortune 500 company to my knowledge which has had a trannie as CEO, in Irene Rosenfeld, and an unconvincing trannie to boot.

  4. Dennis the Peasant – traitor, get ye to Europe.

    Hell, no. You cross the channel and those wogs are eating bull’s balls and snails.

    I’ll just hang around here in ‘Merica, thank you very much.

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