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The Women’s March organizers want a general strike against Trump. Could it work?

21 thoughts on “No”

  1. Not least because the actual workers, mainly blue collar men support Trump by a large margin. I think a country can manage to function if a lot of university staff and students decide not to ‘work’.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Define work. If you mean identify people sensible people should have nothing to do with ….

    There are all of these invisible men out there who are unseen, who are doing the work of holding up western civilization. They are literally holding up the world so all these women can put on a pink hat – I’m not going to say the name of it, I don’t know if I can say it on-the-air – [and go around] marching and talking about how bad this world is to them, when all these men around the country are working tirelessly behind the scenes and making sure life works.

  3. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    When at university I never understood the concept of a student strike and this seems much the same thing. Who is being inconvenienced here aside from the people striking?!

  4. At last the dreaded follow-up to the massive marches of Wimmin–or more accurately the marches of massive women–arrives. The Hammer blow that will smash Trump and the Patriarchs once and for all!!!!

    Most women will never hear of theses morons and will take the proverbial cube root of fuckall notice of their “strike” calls.

    They are the lazy, corpulent, useless dross even of the Marxian sphere.

  5. I’d be interested to know, if there is a massive general “strike against Trump” how these wimmin intend on getting to their “March”?
    Coz as sure as hell, they won’t want to walk.

  6. The Inimitable Steve

    I think John Knox was onto something. He’d be birling in the car park of St. Giles if he could see these monstrous regiments.

  7. Western European countries (EU15+Norway) witnessed 63 general strikes between 2010 and 2016

    Really? Can’t say I’d noticed. I presume half of them were in Greece, the other half in France.

  8. Publicity . . . uh . . . negative publicity. Legacy press will print anything that matches their agenda.

    It’ll work in reducing Democrat support by another percent. The Left is revealing who they are.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    It looks like the Senate will have a day without Elizabeth Warren. I don’t think they will be any worse off without Fauxahontas. On the contrary, I imagine things will move so much the better without the Law Squaw.

    I would say imagine how much better the world would be without Lena Durham, or Susan Sarandon, or Ashley Judd, but I would think most of us have long since achieved that goal no matter what they do. A shame about Ms Judd. She used to be a fine woman.

  10. Oh no. I can see the scene now. Hans Gruber takes over Brandeis and without a gender studies lecturer to speak truth to power, he will leave with the money in the vault.

  11. This can be answered by the general rule that whenever a headline has a question in it, the answer is always “no”.

    “Could Global Warming Cause All Dormant Volcanos To Erupt Simultaneously?”


  12. SMFS: “A shame about Ms Judd. She used to be a fine woman.”

    She used to be a fine-looking woman is the more accurate statement. She has always been femmi-trash.

  13. The Eternal Pessimist

    Mr Ecks, sadly, the cube root of fuck all, if fuck all is a small quantity (say less than unity), is likely to be more than fuck all. Hence a fraction would make more sense if the meaning is ‘less than fuck all’. Mind you, the sentiment is fine!

  14. Bloke in Costa Rica

    If every diversity coordinator and aromatherapy consultant downed tools, how long would it be before anyone noticed? But I reckon about 2% of men in critical industries could bring the economy to a halt within a week.

  15. 2%?

    There’s what, a couple of hundred large power stations in the U.K.? Lose five electrical or mechanical engineers plus the head of maintenance from each of them…

  16. A slightly silly idea I’ve had for a while for companies to save money is that they should try shutting one department at a time down for a few days. The moment things start going to shit, you know you need that department.

    Finance and IT would be recalled within minutes or hours. Check.

    Customer Services in minutes. Check.

    Facilities as soon as a bog stopped working. Check.

    Payroll within hours of when everyone should have been paid. Check.

    Human Resources … … … … … tumbleweeds … … … …

  17. Amen, Cynic.

    I was around when the Personnel Office became Human Resources. I knew it would turn out badly.

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