Not that I quite exactly said these words

“Lets the market decide the price in this age of free market,” said Tim Worstall, senior fellow at Adam Smith Institute of London.

4 thoughts on “Not that I quite exactly said these words”

  1. Too much free booze on the plane?

    ‘According to Jochen Weikert, head of promotion of German Development Cooperation, the apparel industry needs home grown solution to ensure its sustainability.’

    How’s that for irony?

    ‘Pierre Mayaudon, ambassador and head of delegation of EU, stressed the compliance of apparel industry which is prerequisite to ensure sustainability.’

    Ahhh . . . sustainability! They can’t feed their fucking people and the West is infecting them with decadent notions.

    Neocolonialism . . . it’s everywhere!

  2. One reason I was invited was to pour a little scorn on sustainability. All the Europeans there, other than me, were bleating on about it. They’re trying to impose social democracy on these people and in a stricter form than their own people won’t accept.

    Cunts really.

  3. Er, what’s the article actually about? Looks like they are using AI “journalists” in Bangladesh now.

    And is “social democracy” code for “burning fewer garment workers to death”? With a does of, gasp, “westerners paying an extra euro per t-shirt for it”?

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