Ooooh, get her!

Quoting from the experts
Nobody can accuse Tory MPs on the international trade committee of being unprepared. Two of them — Ranil Jayawardena and Sir Edward Leigh — quoted from an “expert” who urged the City to shed red tape to become a deregulated offshore centre.

They were independently quoting from a brief comment article written a few days after the referendum by Tim Worstall, a one-time Ukip press officer and MEP candidate. The City is in safe hands, clearly.

And one time comment piece writer for The Times…..

3 thoughts on “Ooooh, get her!”

  1. not read Dominic’s piece, but you can see why the UKIP brush has some tar on it. Godfrey Bloom who was their 30 years in the city ‘expert’ but whenever he opened his mouth on matters economic used to make howler after howler.

  2. Yep…that was the one i was referring to in an earlier thread. Still, you never know, some readers might actually have a mind of their own and google you…

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