Quite, quite, amazing

Tax evasion is incredibly harmful to any country. Tax cheats force honest business to go bust. But it is only honest businesses who invest in new products, services, technology, R&D and, perhaps most important of all, in training for their staff.

Ritchie told us a few years ago that Vodafone was dodging taxes with that deal with Hartnett.

Can’t be bothered to dig it up myself but anyone want to claim that Vodafone doesn’t invest in its mobile networks? Near to the point of consuming capital as it upgrades them?

10 thoughts on “Quite, quite, amazing”

  1. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    60(?) years on the planet and his awareness of how the world works has not progressed beyond a GCSE student. Amazing.

  2. The man is a tool, I think the foray into the wider internet might finally diminish his waning influence. He is already persona non grata in Labour. His time may be at an end…

  3. Ritchie’s claim strictly speaking was that Vodafone was involved in tax avoidance; not tax evasion (yes, I know he and that simpleton at Fair Tax Mark, Paul Monaghan say tax dodging, but he means avoidance). Given the nature of evasion, I am will to agree with him on that; but not on avoiders.

  4. By his utterly inconsistent positions and logic and his mental contortions to maintain his visibility and credibility, Murphy has become the sitcom character Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) of the tax blogosphere. Unfortunately he lacks her charm, although Murphy is capable of generating as much laughter as her, even though not intended.


  5. VP

    His time may be at an end…

    I wish! But I doubt it. Yes, his influence has peaked. Yes, he has offended many people on his own side. However, he’s still quoted in the FT, the Guardian, The Times, and he pops up on the BBC occasionally. I think this is more because he is seen as controversial rather than that he is seen as authoritative. Unfortunately, whatever the reason, he gets to dribble his poison into public debate.

  6. “I think this is more because he is seen as controversial rather than that he is seen as authoritative.”


    It’s more entertaining (clicks and views).

  7. I’m just wondering if there is evidence about what tax cheats do in their business? And whether its because they are cheating tax or despite cheating tax.

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