Senate Democrats to Vote For Andy Puzder as Labor Sec

Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder acknowledged Tuesday that he had employed an undocumented worker as a housekeeper, putting him again at odds with President Donald Trump’s push to keep jobs in American hands.

Puzder said in a statement that he and his wife were unaware the housekeeper was not legally permitted to work in the U.S. during the years they employed her.

“When I learned of her status, we immediately ended her employment and offered her assistance in getting legal status,” Puzder said. “We have fully paid back taxes to the IRS and the State of California.

Well, obviously they will, right? Because the Senate Dems think that the undocumented should not be discriminated against, should be aided in becoming legal residents?

I have got that right, yes? No one would play just mere politics with something like this, would they?

4 thoughts on “Senate Democrats to Vote For Andy Puzder as Labor Sec”

  1. If they’re undocumented how do you discriminate against them, because you don’t know who they are because they’re undocumented.

  2. This is what sunk Clinton’s first to vaginas he nominated for Attorney General, which is how we ended up with the morally wicked Janet Reno.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    And Devos has passed. Potentially the best thing that Trump has done so far.

    I am loving everything he has done so far. I might have preferred Michelle Rhee but Devos is still outstanding.

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