Shrinking snowflakes

Midwives have been told to use the word “partner” during antenatal classes after a lesbian couple complained about a nurse using the term “fella”.

The duo told hospital bosses they are too uncomfortable to return to the sessions and were given one-to-one sessions following the incident.

Diddums, eh, the nasty words hurt me.

It’s really not that difficult for “fella” to mean the one who doesn’t have a baby’s head popping through their cervix, is it? A little tad of mental translation there would save all some bother.

You know, given that in what, 99.5%? 99./9%? of cases “fella” will be the correct word anyway?

15 thoughts on “Shrinking snowflakes”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    They are not shrinking. If only. They are crusading.

    They are out to destroy Western civilisation – or at least their little corner of it. They hate us all and they want us extinct.

  2. Its the pandering to the faux offence that winds me up. Two minutes with a search of definitions online and they could have told them to wind their necks in.
    Fella is a corruption of fellow meaning one of a pair or mate

  3. “A spokesman for Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said there was no additional cost for the one-to-one session.”

    Eh? It was a session they wouldn’t have run otherwise.

  4. JuliaM, which mental attitude explains why the only sufficient budget for the NHS is an infinite one.

    Everything has no cost, so let’s do everything.

  5. Eh? It was a session they wouldn’t have run otherwise.

    I expect they would have run it anyway, but with a different couple. Thus the cost is borne by another couple who have to wait a bit longer.

    They were probably patriarchal while heterosexuals, my God possibly even married, so no harm done to anyone who actually matters.

    Still, my apparatus calculates this story is worth another 215 votes to UKIP.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    No wonder the NHS is permanently in crisis if they are pandering to this sort of behaviour. Aneurin Bevan must be spinning in his grave.

    An insurance based system is increasingly looking like the only solution to keep them under control.

  7. Midwives must be easy to come by.

    Employers who react to silly customer complaints, rather than protect their employees, have a problem.

  8. Yoof addresses everyone as “guys”. Just use that. So few patients in maternity wards these days are English speakers anyway.

  9. @Machiavelli, February 11, 2017 at 7:04 am
    “It’s the pandering to the faux offence that winds me up. ..they [should] have told them to wind their necks in.”


    Every time a celeb, politician etc apologises on twitter, facebook etc to snowflakes who create a faux outrage, it only encourages the snowflakes to continue whining. Best to ignore them or reply with a robust justification.

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