Non-profit advocacy group Free Speech for People has asked New York’s attorney general to investigate whether to file a lawsuit to revoke the charter of The Trump Organization for violating state business laws.
In a letter to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the group and four attorneys said that the attorney general’s office has the power to revoke the corporate charter from Trump’s organization, which has violated laws that prohibit the president from receiving payments from foreign governments.
Schneiderman’s press secretary Amy Spitalnick told ThinkProgress that the attorney general’s office will review the letter.

Review meaning, I assume, place it in the roundunderthedeskfilingcabinet.

12 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. Doesn’t USA law have the concept of the corporate veil, so that a company is a person in its own right, separate from its owner?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It says a lot about the inherent totalitarianism of the Left. They do not like Trump so everything with any connection to Trump must be destroyed?

    Well two can play that game. Trump should hit back

  3. As wonderful as BiCR’s comment is, to be fair, Hillary also benefit from the ‘not actually being president’ loophole.

  4. >place it in the roundunderthedeskfilingcabinet

    Just as NY State Attorney General Thomas Dewey used his crusade against the Mafia to springboard himself to become Governor, and as NY state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer used his crusade against Wall Street to sprinboard himself to the Governorship … I am sure that Schniederman will not toss it in the round file_ing cabinet but will keep a crusade against Trump in the papers as long as possible to position himself for a Gubinatorial run

  5. TTG I thought it was a prohibition on anyone in public office accepting emoluments. I believe that HC was a member of the government at one time

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