Spud is incredible, isn’t he

The proposal for US corporate tax reform is a disaster in the making. …. Trade war would follow. It would provide no tax relief for interest paid: chaos in financial market would follow.

That’s from the bloke who has actually been insisting this past decade that the interest deductibility at places like Boots is tax abuse and must be done away with.


11 thoughts on “Spud is incredible, isn’t he”

  1. Truly, he will without hesitation denounce his own most sincerely held beliefs the moment anyone he regards an opponent expresses support for them.

    He is without a shred of intellectual integrity.

  2. It is also incredible that je sort of destimation based system he is denouncing here is in effect what he proposes for Google and Facebook.

  3. The man who just a few days ago declared himself a “libertarian” posts a video where he claims to be a “social democrat”. Just make it up as you go along you twat.


    Also, the man who says he never touched tax havens while an accountant, says he spent lots of his time as an accountant getting money back from tax havens for children of evil parents who squirrelled money away there where it’s impossible to get it back.

    Richard, you are a lying cunt playing to whoever your audience is on that day.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    Well its is the 2nd Tuesday of the 2nd month and the year is a prime number so his other pronouncements can’t be taken in to consideration. Do keep up at the back.

  5. I think Ironman nails it with the first comment – he has no intellectual integrity at all. His ideologies seem to shift like sands in the desert wind depending on what is currently in vogue. He also has an attention span that Is less than my 21 month old son. While in terms of exuding malice he remains one of the most dangerous men in the online world, increasingly he does resemble the Roderick Spode character from the PG Wodehouse novels…

  6. He says whatever he believes is required at that moment. While it has tactical advantages it is a strategic disaster, as everyone realises you are utterly incoherent.

  7. @Rob: but thats the Left in a nutshell. Its just that the others manage to keep the inconsistencies more opaque. Spud just lets it all hang out without shame. In some way he’s doing a good job of discrediting the Left, because he is so shameless. I do still wonder if he’s a Right wing Troll of the most magnificent order.

  8. His discussion on libertarianism on the weekend was shambolic, as if it had been written by Godfrey Elfwick.

    There is only one topic where he has been totally consistent: that we need more HMRC officers.

  9. Adrian

    To be exact though, he says we need different HMRC officers because these have suffered corporate capture and under neoliberal delusions etc.

    Now I wonder who one of those outside, civil society voices he has in mind might be…

  10. Probably the first thing to note is that the FT’s headline was completely misleading and is immediately contradicted by the FT’s own sub-header. And of course, Spud takes the header as gospel, ignores everything else, and goes from there…

    Yeah, I’m surprised as well.

    The tax reform plan Spud is raving about hasn’t been endorsed by anyone in the Trump Administration, and it certainly hasn’t been endorsed by anyone of note amongst the Republicans in Congress. It’s just another worthless pile of paper put together by a bunch of jerk-off economists who can’t find a real, productive job (or career).

    That Spud has locked on to this seems to signal that his meds need adjusting.

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