Stereotypes do come from somewhere

Isn’t it the greatest finding of the social sciences that there’s a truth at the heart of stereotypes?

Sometimes even a declaration is ignored by an uncomfortable practitioner. Straightness is still automatically assumed, unless you’re lucky enough to have a doctor who doesn’t see heterosexuality as the default for everyone they treat.

Somewhere between 98% and 96% of the people who walk through the door will be straight. The assumption thus seems fair enough.

6 thoughts on “Stereotypes do come from somewhere”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Not the greatest. The only.

    There are only two robust findings in social science. One is that stereotypes are largely true. The other is a subset of the former – IQ tests really are significant and Blacks do badly at them.

    Nothing else is replicable and hence is likely to be rubbish.

    Heterosexuality is the default.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    You don’t have to openly identify as bisexual to get the bad side of bisexuality, because it goes beyond the myths of promiscuity, greed and dishonesty still held by some – biphobia also has an impact on physical health.

    Sorry but WTF? If you don’t sleep with people who take it up the ar$e, or who shoot up with illegal drugs, or were born a Black African – or some sub-set of the above – your chances of getting HIV in the UK is roughly zero.

    It is not biphobia that impacts bisexual people’s health. It is their behaviour. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that if you are sleeping with someone who engages in passive anal intercourse you are at higher risk. Much higher risk. And you have a reasonable right to ask.

    You should also ask your girlfriend in my opinion even if she hasn’t been sleeping with bisexuals. Coz there’s always a chance at a threesome.

  3. The list of healthcare complaints is both short and light:
    – Men who have had sex with other men in the last 12 months can’t donate blood;
    – Women who have sex with women are less likely to get a smear test (one in 50 lesbian and bisexual women had been refused a smear test, even when they requested one);

    The former is a public good, since it confers preventative healthcare on society at a very low cost. The latter is unfortunate and deserves attention by the NHS; but with a rate of just 1-in-50 it sounds like we’re moving in the right direction already.

    > rather than continuing to be suspicious of sexual histories that might have featured people of the same gender

    Ahh, that’s what it’s really about. Phoebe my dear, men (or women) aren’t rejecting you because you have a history of sleeping with women (or men). You’re probably just annoying.

  4. I don’t get the “refused” smear test thing. Is it actually “declined” rather than “refused”? “You don’t need a smear test because you’ve never had a penis inside you and the things a smear test tests for are things that result from having a penis inside you”?

    It’s decades sinece I read the study but there was something about chaste nuns never getting cervical cancer but having the same proportion of breast cancer as the general population, so it does seem to be related to a history of receiving penis insertion.

  5. Re: LPT

    As a transwoman I demanded a smear test from my doctor. This was, however, refused due to me not actually having a cervix.

    Fuck the Patriarchy; Fuck Trump; Fuck Brexit; Up the USSR.

    Or something ….

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