This is an interesting claim

The massive women’s marches of 21 January may mark the beginning of a new wave of militant feminist struggle. But what exactly will be its focus? In our view, it is not enough to oppose Trump and his aggressively misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic and racist policies. We also need to target the ongoing neoliberal attack on social provision and labor rights.

While Trump’s blatant misogyny was the immediate trigger for the huge response on 21 January, the attack on women (and all working people) long predates his administration. Women’s conditions of life, especially those of women of color and of working, unemployed and migrant women, have steadily deteriorated over the last 30 years, thanks to financialization and corporate globalization.

Really? Life has got worse these past 30 years?

Anyone got any evidence of this?

30 years ago is 1987. By what measures is life worse? And we’ll make this easier too, we’ll exclude all those women of colour, those migrant women, out there beyond America’s borders. For that would just be too easy, pointing out that the world has become immeasurably (although, oddly, we can measure it) better for some billions.

Lean-in feminism and other variants of corporate feminism have failed the overwhelming majority of us, who do not have access to individual self-promotion and advancement and whose conditions of life can be improved only through policies that defend social reproduction, secure reproductive justice and guarantee labor rights.

That’s a snowflake buzzword I’ve missed out on. “Social reproduction” is what now?

Violence against women, as they define it, has many facets: it is domestic violence, but also the violence of the market, of debt, of capitalist property relations, and of the state; the violence of discriminatory policies against lesbian, trans and queer women; the violence of state criminalization of migratory movements; the violence of mass incarceration; and the institutional violence against women’s bodies through abortion bans and lack of access to free healthcare and free abortion.

Capitalist property relations had to get a look in there, din’t it?

The women’s marches of 21 January have shown that in the United States, too, a new feminist movement may be in the making. It is important not to lose momentum.

Let us join together on 8 March to strike, walk out, march and demonstrate.

Those women who are rather happy about those capitalist property relations, you know, the ones who realise that the reason they’re not spending their lives dropping babies into the footprints of the water buffalo they must guide through the paddy is that very capitalism, might want to counter demonstrate. Which leaves open just what acts would drive this lot into paroxysms of rage.

Demonstrations of cupcake baking? Oven cleaning lessons? Pole dancing Barbie posters? Making a sammich in public?

Ideas please…..

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Since the working class let the Left down by rejecting Marx and voting for Thatcher (actually even before then), the Left has tried to hijack other causes. The American Communist Party was very influential with MLK’s Civil Rights movement because they wanted to recruit Blacks by linking Black rights and Marxism. They were very successful as well. Various Trot groups have been trying to do the same with Britain’s Muslims. Mainly the Socialist Workers Party and hence Gorgeous George Galloway.

    So now they want to attract women. They will try to use Trump’s views on women to recruit more Storm troopers for the Cause. Come for the pussy hats, stay for the Marxist intersectionality. Every Cult needs a constant flow of new idiots. Especially rape-y Cults like many on the Left.

  2. So this is just another “give us wimminz free stuff” thing. “The violence… of debt… of capitalist property relations”. That’s code for “give us free housing”.

    “institutional violence against women’s bodies through abortion bans and lack of access to free healthcare and free abortion.” More free stuff for wimminz.

    You know, we used to have a structure by which a man took on debt to provide a woman a free house, who went to work to pay for her healthcare, who bought condoms or took reasonable precautions to avoid any potential need for an abortion, and who provided free stuff for a woman in exchange for a little domestic labour.

    What was that called again?

    But no, that’s apparently too much, and Unca Sugar needs to be paying for screaming harpies to not work at all – anything else is institutional violence against wimminz’ses bodies…

    And where does Unca Sugar get that sweet stuff? From men, largely.

    So this could be distilled down to “people we hate need to support us entirely financially so we don’t have to work”.

  3. Sorry, I’m monopolising this.

    This one really irks me. Having grown up with the 90s version of sexual equality, which really was much closer to what a dictionary-definition of equality would be, the fact that this extreme version of wimminz shouldn’t have the same constraints as men has been mainstreamed me trou le cul.

    Seriously, they need to f*ck off, get a job, and support themselves rather than begging for money and special conditions in the name of some twisted version of “equality”.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “What do we want?” – “Everything”

    “When do we want it? – “Now”

    The Monty Python what did the Romans do for us sketch could equally, maybe even more plausibly, have been written about these 3rd wave feminists.

  5. As ever, the left gets more extreme and factionalised, making them more unbearable to the (vast) majority. Good. Carry on Girls! In fact an updated version of that film featuring these loons would be good!

  6. Mal Reynolds (Serenity)

    “Violence”. They keep using that word, I do not think It means what they think it means.

    Marxist drivel from an upper-middle class woman who wants to receive bundles of cash for gracing us with her presence.

    Also I notice no comments on that article. Shame. They would have been savage.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m beginning to think smfs has a point by confining women to the traditional Kuche Kinder Kirche roles. At least they’ll have something sensible to complain about.

  8. the institutional violence against women’s bodies through abortion bans

    There’s something about that which jars rather.

  9. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in North Dorset – “I’m beginning to think smfs has a point by confining women to the traditional Kuche Kinder Kirche roles. At least they’ll have something sensible to complain about.”

    The Marxists tried to persuade women that working outside the home was in their best interests. A lot of them have agreed. A lot more got years of propaganda at school.

    What is the result? A lot of Western women are batsh!t insane. Look at these protests. They got what they wanted and they are not happy. Spectacularly not happy. Third World women are happy – just ask BiS. Women in the 70s were happier.

    We don’t need to force them to do anything. We need to stop indulging Marxist delusions. They will go back to the kitchen – and be happy.

  10. Does anyone know if there exists any way in which Bercow could be deposed?

    Were I PM that would be top priority.

  11. Perhaps having a notice on the door to the chamber reading “You must be this high to enter” would work?

  12. So Much For Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “Does anyone know if there exists any way in which Bercow could be deposed?”

    He is elected by the House. I don’t see why they can’t elect someone else. In the circumstances, if he cannot do his job properly – putting the national interest ahead of his petty need for media attention – he should be taken aside quietly and asked to step down.

    In other interesting claims, Lena Durham was so traumatised by Trump she has stopped eating and lost weight:

    Heart of stone, etc etc.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    Labour thought it was amusing to stitch up the Tories when it was their turn to nominate the Speaker. Bastards. Bercow and his wife have done more to devalue the position than just about anyone else in modern history, perhaps with the exception of Gorbals Mick. Nasty poisonous dwarf.

  14. They will go back to the kitchen – and be happy.

    Its not the kitchen. Its the nurturing.

    Also explains why kids are so unhappy.

  15. “In fact an updated version of that film featuring these loons would be good!”

    Great idea. There is no shortage of material to parody and a great cast of characters that could be used (Trump and Milo most obviously). Unfortunately there aren’t many right wing film makers interested in pursuing this.

    “can we advance the expense-account-dwarf Bercow to the front of the list of public officials for immediate hanging?”

    Won’t work. Too light. I guess he could stuff his pockets with cash first.

  16. The Inimitable Steve

    So many lolwut? moments, so little time.

    While Trump’s blatant misogyny was the immediate trigger

    Despite the best efforts of the Left, words still have meanings. Misogyny means hatred or contempt of women. Blatant means done openly or unashamedly.

    Does that describe President Trump, a man who loves women so much he’s been married three times, and is still on good terms with his exes? Who has hired and promoted women throughout his various careers? Whose impressive daughter Ivanka is a role model for many young women?

    To ask the question is to answer it. There’s no information content as normal people understand it in describing President Trump as a “blatant misogynist”. It’s as laughable as calling a gay Jew who has sex with blacks a “nazi”.

    But these allegations from the permanently raging Left aren’t meant to be persuasive on a cognitive level to rational people. They’re attack signals to the emotionally unbalanced, deployed in the same way ants use pheromones to incite the rest of the hive to swarm.

    For all the postmodern verbiage and critical theory of the proggies is aimed, not at communicating logical thoughts, but in destroying the capacity for reason in the blasted synapses of the recipient.

    So, the video of Ashley Judd shrieking and growling at her President while spitting out vile accusations and rancid wordsalad like a failed audition for The Exorcist was amusing, but also sad. In a more enlightened age, she’d have been carted off to a hospital and given a nice big syringe full of calm down.

    This is where feminism in particular and progressivism in general takes people. To a mental prison of their own construction where their amygdala is tortured raw by cenobites and phantasms of racism! sexism! homophobia!

    The struggle is not real, but the damage it does to these broken people and the lives they intersect is palpable.

    Together, they herald a new international feminist movement with an expanded agenda: at once anti-racist, anti-imperialist, anti-heterosexist and anti-neoliberal.

    See what I mean?

  17. “Really? Life has got worse these past 30 years?
    Anyone got any evidence of this?
    30 years ago is 1987. By what measures is life worse?”

    Easy. In 1987 I was 15 and could do 20 chin-ups easy. Now I’m 45 and get winded after 8. See? Measurably worse, as opposed to your claims of “immeasurably (although, oddly, we can measure it) better”.

  18. Has life got worse for women? Well, if car insurance premia, relative to men, is the measure then yes, much worse. But then, that’s due to anti-discrimination principles enshrined in European law. So hahahahahaha

  19. I am beginning to think that the Pythons, especially in Life of Brian, were the great prophets of our age. Clearly as mentioned above feminists have basically evolved into ‘what have the Romans ever done for us?’, but also the Judean people’s front versus the people’s front of Judea, the sketch where they all declare the right of Stan to not only be called Loretta but to have the right to have babies and so on. The left have not only taken animal farm and 1984 as guide books rather than warnings, but Life of Brian as a guidebook rather than satire…

  20. It’s such a shame so many of the Carry On crew are dead.

    Just imagine:
    – Sid James as Donald Trump
    – Hattie Jacques as Hillary Clinton
    – Terry-Thomas as Bill Clinton
    – Kenneth Williams as Milo
    – Barbara Windsor as Theresa May
    – Charles Hawtrey as Bercow

  21. @CJ Nerd

    You know what, I’d been having exactly the same thought lately! “Carry on Mr President”, starring…

    Sid James as The Donald
    Babs as Melania
    Joan Sims as Hillary
    Leslie Phillips as Bill
    Kenneth Williams and Hattie Jacques as the Obamas (imagine the outrage)
    Frankie Howard as Nigel Farage
    Silvio Berlusconi as Silvio Berlusconi

    I know bugger all about Pence, so would have cast Charles Hawtrey and let him just camp it up something rotten.

    Kenneth Williams because he was a rather snooty gay man who felt the stuff he was working on was a bit beneath him.

    Sid James would have been superb. Boing! Phwwwooooaaarr!

  22. Going by the usual rule that the word “social” negates the meaning of whatever follows it (think “social cost”, “social wage”, and indeed “social worker”) then it would seem that social reproduction might be anything that isn’t actually reproduction. Maybe it’s code for abortion? But I’ve never seen the phrase before either.

  23. According to Wikipedia, “Social Reproduction” is the transmission of inequality down through the generations, e.g. something that Marxists are supposed to rail against, not ask for. I have no idea what it might mean in any other context!

  24. In other interesting claims, Lena Durham was so traumatised by Trump she has stopped eating and lost weight

    She appears to be living in a filthy squat. Maybe Sir Donald wasn’t far wrong when he called her a “B-list actor”, though he was being generous.

  25. As with all such articles, the turgid prose reads like it is being yelled in one long sentence with barely a pause for breath.

    Where do people learn to write like this?

  26. That is rather good.

    And in proper Carry On style, there should be no effort to get the accents right (or at best only half-arsed).

  27. I particularly like the half-arsed sign that idiot is waving.

    In her desperate attempt to spell out “Trump” using the first letters of words she doesn’t like, she has to finish with “Pussy Grabber” with “G” written a bit small.

    All that trouble to come up with something a bit wank. A lot like the Democratic Primaries.

  28. Much less fun than imagining the reaction to Carry on Trumping: to Ironmans point re car insurance now being more expensive for ladies this has been completely overshadowed by gender-neutral pricing of annuities which has shafted us blokes good and hard.

  29. Frankie Howerd as Nigel Farage is an inspired choice.

    I’d love to see him milk the audience reaction after Theresa May / Barbara Windsor said:

    “Mr Farage! Are you trying to push forward a hard Brexit?”

  30. @Tim W
    “Really? Life has got worse these past 30 years?
    Anyone got any evidence of this?
    30 years ago is 1987. By what measures is life worse?”

    Where to start?

    PC infesting every aspect of freedom
    Multiculturalism, Human Rights & Equality
    Mass (net) immigration
    Socialist Conservative Party and House of Lords wrecked
    Renewable unreliable energy and subsidies
    More EU and UK Gov’t interference in everything
    Cats, DPFs and the other crap on vehicles
    Untrustworthy, corrupt, PC Police
    Higher taxes
    Huge increase in strict liability laws
    Bin fines, litter fines, parking extortion
    … that will do for no

    I’d happily move back to 1987 where internet was in it’s infancy as life was more free.

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